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2019 Week 41

TOP 10

Avicii and Imagine Dragons claim the top this week. Heart Upon My Sleeve is Avicii's 4th #1 this year, after SOS (1 week), Heaven (4 weeks) and Bad Reputation (1 week), and he now ties Badflower again for the act with the most #1 songs this year (Badflower has more weeks at #1 tho, 13).

Time and It's You rise to #2 and #3, displacing Circles (#4) which falls out of the top after being there for 4 (nonconsecutive) weeks, F9mily (#5), and Only Human (#6).

Qué Pretendes reaches a new peak fat #7 and All My Friends continues descending in the top 10 to #8.

Closing the top 10 are the new arrivals to it this week, Complainer and Favorite Sound.

TOP 20

A lot of songs entered it this week, making big jumps, like Might Be Right (#13), Alligator (#14), All For Us (#15), Kombucha (#17), Take What You Want (#18) and Social Cues (#20).


Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi, Money In The Grave, Lalala, Dance Monkey, Trampoline and I Really Wish I Hated You debut.

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22Up this week
NF - "Time" single cover artwork
32Up this week
Ali Gatie - "It's You" single cover artwork
82Down this week
Madeon - "All My Friends" single cover artwork
114Down this week
Badflower - "Heroin" single cover artwork
164Down this week
Avicii - TIM album cover artwork
245Down this week
Badflower - "24" single cover artwork
253Up this week
Lil Nas X - "Panini" single cover artwork
272Down this week
Avicii - "Heaven" single cover artwork
343Down this week
Smallpools - "Insincere" single cover artwork
376Up this week
Twin XL - "Good" single cover artwork
386Up this week
Clairo - "Sofia" single cover artwork
403Down this week
Bastille - "Doom Days" single cover artwork
45-45New this week
Ozuna - "Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi" single cover artwork
47-47New this week
bbno$ - "Lalala" single cover artwork
49-49New this week
SHAED - "Trampoline" single cover artwork
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-RuisCharts's picture
Thu, 10/10/2019 - 11:11am
Nice to see Avicii hit #1! He's really killing it! Also interesting to see Time go higher, #1 contender?
Fri, 10/11/2019 - 7:37pm
Yeah, Heart Upon My Sleeve had me waiting since 2013! lol. I don't think Time will go higher than that, next Complainer is shaping up to be the next #1 and maybe Might Be Right after that!