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TOP 50 / 08.11.20

November 8, 2020 | 50 songs

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13Same position as last week
Demi Lovato - "Still Have Me" single cover artwork
22-22New this week
Ariana Grande - Positions album cover artwork
3114Down this week
blackbear - deadroses album cover artwork
394Down this week
Katy Perry - "Only Love" single cover artwork
43-43New this week
CYN - "New York" single cover artwork
49-49New this week
Ariana Grande - Positions album cover artwork
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#1 Tickets To My Downfall, Machine Gun Kelly (=)

#2 positions, Ariana Grande (+1)

#3 These Are Special Times, Céline Dion (+8)

#4 Courage, Céline Dion (-2)

#5 everything means nothing, Blackbear (-1)

#6 La Vita Nuova, Christiane and the Queens (-1)

#7 Here We Go Again, Demi Lovato

#8 Confetti, Little Mix (NEW)

#9 Cape God, Allie X

#10 Super Sunset (Analog), Allie X (NEW)

#11 In A Dream, Troye Sivan (+2)

#12 Pang, Caroline Polachek (-2)

#13 Super Sunset, Allie X (-4)

#14 deadroses, Blackbear (-8)

#15 Chromatica, Lady Gaga (-8)


Musichead's picture
Mon, 11/09/2020 - 12:43pm
You have amazing taste in music! We share so much in common! I love POV, Lonely ( Justin Bieber), and Lonely by Machine Gun Kelly, My Hair, Shut Up, Not a Pop song and ALL of Celine Dion songs. I also loved that you had Still Have Me as your number one in previous weeks. That was actually a top five on my charts weeks prior but then it fell off because of other music taste. I will def be commenting more on your list..your taste is immaculate!
alexwhoami's picture
Mon, 11/09/2020 - 1:02pm
Thaaaaaaaaanks, that's why I followed you haha i listen to a lot of songs that you have in your charts, all these songs you mentioned are amazing and I'm happy to see that you like them too. I'm a big Demi Lovato fan and i love Still Have Me, and I started to listen to Céline Dion a lot this year and I can't stop listening to her! I'll be checking you charts too, thank you very much for the comment, your taste in music is great!!!