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Mercury Distinguished 50

New Romanticism takes a stranglehold on most of the top 10 amidst weakness in instrumentals, but it's two political dance hits that take the lead in this week's chart! Marching to the top is Heaven 17's "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang, climbing sixteen places from last week. Meanwhile, Depeche Mode takes second with "Everything Counts," up from #7. Positions three and four were two and three the prior week, Visage's "Fade to Grey" and Spandau Ballet's "To Cut a Long Story Short" respectively. Duran Duran enters the fray to close out the top five, with "Planet Earth" rocketing eleven spots. In the lower half, Visage's "Visage" slumps five places to #6, ending a two-week* tenure at #1. Ultravox's "Sleepwalk" creeps up to #7 from #9 last week. At #8 remains "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" from Dead or Alive. Up six places to reach #9 is Depeche Mode again, this time with "New Life," and Ultravox wraps up the top ten with "Vienna," re-entering* the charts.


Elsewhere on the charts, instrumentals mostly take a big hit. Space's "Magic Fly" dives 27 spots to #45, whilst RAH Band's "The Crunch" and Cerrone's "Supernature" plunge at least 40 places from the top ten to barely making the chart period, settling at #46 and #49. Jean-Michel Jarre bucks the trend, however, with "Oxygene IV" actually gaining 8 places to sneak in at #11. The trend this week apepars to be leaning toward pre-1982 songs, as evidenced by the success of singles like OMD's "Electricity," up 23 to #23; Tubeway Army's "Are 'Friends' Electric?" jumping 25 to #25; and Kim Wilde's "Kids in America" rising 15 to #16.


*when non-published chart information is taken into consideration

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31Down this week
Visage - "Fade To Grey" single cover artwork
65Down this week
Visage - "Visage" single cover artwork
10-10New this week
Ultravox - "Vienna" single cover artwork
128Down this week
Spandau Ballet - "True" single cover artwork
279Up this week
Visage - "Tar" single cover artwork
38-38New this week
Spandau Ballet - "Gold" single cover artwork
4527Down this week
Space - "Magic Fly" single cover artwork
47-47New this week
John Foxx - "Underpass" single cover artwork
4944Down this week
Cerrone - "Supernature" single cover artwork
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Biggest Gainers:

1) Tubeway Army: "Are 'Friends' Electric?" (+25)

2) OMD: "Electricity" (+23)

3) Duran Duran: "Girls on Film" (+18)


Biggest Decliners:

1) Cerrone: "Supernature" (-44)

2) RAH Band: "The Crunch" (-40)

3) Thomas Dolby: "She Blinded Me with Science" (-37)


New Entries:

1) Cameo: "She's Strange" (#40)

2) RAH Band: "Clouds Across the Moon" (#44)



1) Ultravox: "Vienna" (#10, previously peaked at #46)

2) Spandau Ballet: "The Freeze" (#14, previously peaked at #1 for one week)

3) Spandau Ballet: "Reformation" (#21, previously peaked at #2)

4) Tubeway Army: "Down at the Park" (#29, previously peaked at #1 for one week)

5) Third World: "Dancing on the Floor (Hooked on Love)" (#31, previously peaked at #26)

6) Depeche Mode: "See You" (#32, previously peaked at #35)

7) Blancmange: "Living on the Ceiling" (#36, previously peaked at #21)

8) Spandau Ballet: "Gold" (#38, previously peaked at #15)

9) The Human League: "Love Action (I Believe in Love)" (#42, previously peaked at #4)

10) John Foxx: "Underpass" (#47, previously peaked at #3)



1) Dead or Alive: "That's the Way (I Like It)" (previously peaked at #22)

2) Katy Perry: "I Kissed a Girl" (previously peaked at #24)

3) Soft Cell: "Bedsitter" (previously peaked at #30)

4) Visage: "Love Glove" (previously peaked at #37)

5) Eurythmics: "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (previously peaked at #1 for one week*)

6) The Buggles: "Elstree" (previously peaked at #18*)

7) Godley & Creme: "Wedding Bells" (previously peaked at #41)

8) Be Bop Deluxe: "Electrical Language" (previously peaked at #20*)

9) Milli Vanilli: "Girl You Know It's True" (previously peaked at #25*)

10) The Droïds: "(Do You Have) The Force" (previously peaked at #47)

11): OMD: "Maid of Orleans (The Waltz of Joan of Arc)" (previously peaked at #4*)

12) Giorgio Moroder; Philip Oakey: "Together in Electric Dreams" (previously peaked at #49)


*when non-published chart information is taken into consideration