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Mercury Distinguished 50

September 15, 2017 | 50 songs

* Blue Hawaii's "Lilac" scores tenth consecutive week at #1, threatens Wolfsheim's eleven week record with "The Sparrows and the Nightingales."

* Feathers's "Land of the Innocent" remains steadfast at #2 for third straight week.

* Gary Numan's "My Name Is Ruin" takes #3 for a third non-consecutive week, the longest time spent at this position since Marsheaux's "August Day" held the spot for four non-consecutive weeks.

* Kokoko! scores their first top ten song as "Tokoliana" jumps up to #7.

* In addition to dominating #1, Blue Hawaii also manages a top ten debut with "No One Like You," claiming #8.

* Ships in the Night's "Deathless" re-enters the top ten for the fourth time, climbing six places to #9.

* Glasspool's former #1 "Temperamental Journey" leads the two re-entrants with a #17 showing.

* Out of the seven new entries this week, vivienxo is the only artist who has not yet featured on the charts. "TTYN" nabs #21 this week, but has been receiving heavy play.

* With thirty-nine (consecutive) weeks logged in the charts, Marsheaux's "August Day" now officially holds the record for the most number of weeks spent on the charts; beating out Spandau Ballet's previous record of thirty-eight (non-consecutive) weeks with "To Cut a Long Story Short."

* For the first time since its debut in May, Krystal System's "Automatic Ideology" finally breaks into the top 40, hitting a new high at #39.

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1Same position as last week
Blue Hawaii - "Lilac" single cover artwork
51Up this week
TR/ST - "Sulk" single cover artwork
79Up this week
Kokoko! - "Tokoliana" single cover artwork
106Down this week
111Down this week
Keluar - Vitreum (EP) album cover artwork
154Up this week
Austra - "Home" single cover artwork
1813Down this week
192Up this week
21-21New this week
vivienxo - "TTYN" single cover artwork
226Up this week
Coska - "Nightdrive" single cover artwork
2413Down this week
Austra - "Lose It" single cover artwork
273Down this week
32Same position as last week
Ministry - "Revenge" single cover artwork
34-34New this week
Rebeka - "Melancholia" single cover artwork
359Down this week
Feels - "Gates" single cover artwork
36-36New this week
Eternity Range - "Windcaller" single cover artwork
38Same position as last week
Ministry - "Stigmata" single cover artwork
4018Down this week
4331Down this week
Marsheaux - "Inhale" single cover artwork
443Down this week
Chromatics - Kill for Love album cover artwork
453Down this week
Essaie Pas - "Danse Sociale" single cover artwork
4712Down this week
4812Down this week
Marsheaux - "August Day" single cover artwork
4910Down this week
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Biggest Gainers:

1) Still Corners: "Berlin Lovers" (+15)

2) Krystal System: "Automatic Ideology" (+10)

3) Kokoko!: "Tokoliana" (+9)


Biggest Decliners:

1) Marsheaux: "Inhale" (-31)

2) Purity Ring: "Heartsigh" (-28)

3) Marsheaux: "Come on Now" (-18)


New Entries:

1) Blue Hawaii: "No One Like You" (#8)

2) Marsheaux: "Get the Balance Right" (#12)

3) REIN: "(You Call It) Democracy" (#13)

4) vivienxo: "TTYN" (#21)

5) Neuropa: "Fashion War" (#30)

6) Rebeka: "Melancholia" (#34)

7) Eternity Range: "Windcaller" (#36)



1) Glasspool: "Temperamental Journey" (#17, previously peaked at #1 for one week)

2) Austra: "The Future" (#23, previously peaked at #1 for one week)



1) OMD: "The Punishment of Luxury" (previously peaked at #8)

2) Neuropa: "Deutschevision" (previously peaked at #7)

3) Neuropa: "The End" (previously peaked at #5)

4) REIN: "Bruises" (previously peaked at #23)

5) Wolfsheim: "The Sparrows and the Nightingales" (previously peaked at #1 for eleven weeks)

6) Austra: "Utopia" (previously peaked at #3)

7) Marsheaux: "Secret Place" (previously peaked at #3)

8) Miseria Ultima: "Submerged" (previously peaked at #41)

9) Marsheaux: "Self Control" (previously peaked at #7)


New Highs:

1) Blue Hawaii: "Lilac" (#1, also previously held the #1 position for nine weeks)

2) Feathers: "Land of the Innocent" (#2, also previously held the #2 position for two weeks)

3) Kokoko!: "Tokoliana" (#7)

4) Coska: "Nightdrive" (#22)

5) Still Corners: "Berlin Lovers" (#28)

6) Krystal System: "Automatic Ideology" (#39)


New Lows:

1) Tareq feat. Marsheaux: "Playboy" (#10)

2) Thermostatic: "The Box" (#14)

3) Postiljonen: "Atlantis" (#18)

4) Austra: "Lose It" (#24)

5) Marsheaux: "To the End" (#27)

6) Goodluck: "The Storm" (#31)

7) Electrogenic: "Game Over" (#33)

8) Feels: "Gates" (#35)

9) Marsheaux: "Come on Now" (#40)

10) Marsheaux: "Inhale" (#43)

11) Chromatics: "Lady" (#44)

12) Oy: "Akwaaba" (#47)

13) Die Perlen: "Kein Interesse" (#49)