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Mercury Distinguished 50

September 29, 2017 | 50 songs

* After spending eleven consecutive weeks atop the charts, Blue Hawaii's "Lilac" finally gets knocked off its perch as "Something New" from Alice in Videoland breaks tradition to claim #1 for the week.

* For its part, "Lilac" resigns to the #2 slot, but remains on solid footing in plays. If it can retake #1 for even one more week, it would officially break the record it currently shares with Wolfsheim's "The Sparrows and the Nightingales" for most weeks logged at #1. However, the two songs' record for longest consecutive streak (eleven weeks) at #1 is likely going to be shared between them for quite a long time.

* "Land of the Innocent" holds at #3 for a second week, remaining in the Top 3 for a fifth straight week; making this the longest period a song has stayed in the Top 3 without hitting #1 since Austra's "Lose It" initially peaked at #2 for five consecutive weeks in May.

* For the first time in a month, Austra climbs into the top ten; and for the first time in two months, Austra has concurrent songs in the top ten. First, breaking into the Top 5 once more despite its thirty-nine week age, "Home" rises another eight positions to take #4. "The Future," meanwhile, sneaks in at #10 with a nine place jump.

* TR/ST's "Sulk" continues to be motionless at #5 despite plays being near their highest levels.

* No re-entries and only a few new entries this week, with "Håll Fanan Högt," the Nordic Resistance Movement's cover version of "Horst-Wessel-Lied," leading the small group at #20. Riding the recent momentum enjoyed by political anthems, "Håll Fanan Högt" joins Horst Wessel's "Horst-Wessel-Lied," up twenty-three to #12, and the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble's composition "Where Are You, Dear General?," with lyrics written by North Korea's Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, ahead twenty-one places to #7.

* New and recent entrants have been finding strength and success this week: Neuropa's "Fashion War" climbed ten to hit another new high at #13, Ministry's "Golden Dawn" gained eight to #16, Pethrol's "As Far As I Know" launched thirty-two to #17, and Nine Year Sister's "Starlight Season" soared twenty-four to #21.

* Austra experienced yet another uptick in popularity, with every currently charting song except "Lose It" rising to positions not seen since June.

* Downbeat, more sombre, songs tended to decline this week, but two inter-connected bands/duos got hit particularly hard. Linea Aspera completely fell off the chart as "Hinterland" sank and Keluar almost befell the same fate, with "Eremus" diving twenty-nine to cling to #50.

* Finally, three songs that have thus far peaked beneath the Top 25 are celebrating minor milestones. Chromatics's "Lady" turns five at #43, not having risen above #41 in its run; Essaie Pas's "Danse Sociale" is spending its tenth week on the charts languishing at #47, quite a bit below its peak at #29; and Krystal System's "Automatic Ideology" takes #37 for its twentieth week on the charts, just one position below its peak at #36.

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48Up this week
Austra - "Home" single cover artwork
5Same position as last week
TR/ST - "Sulk" single cover artwork
62Down this week
vivienxo - "TTYN" single cover artwork
82Down this week
Kokoko! - "Tokoliana" single cover artwork
111Down this week
Coska - "Nightdrive" single cover artwork
2211Down this week
237Down this week
2423Up this week
Austra - "Painful Like" single cover artwork
268Down this week
283Down this week
Feels - "Gates" single cover artwork
315Down this week
36-36New this week
391Down this week
Marsheaux - "August Day" single cover artwork
455Up this week
Marsheaux - "Inhale" single cover artwork
46-46New this week
Phantogram - Nightlife album cover artwork
4710Down this week
Essaie Pas - "Danse Sociale" single cover artwork
4910Down this week
5029Down this week
Keluar - Vitreum (EP) album cover artwork
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Biggest Gainers:

1) Pethrol: "As Far As I Know" (+32)

2) Nine Year Sister: "Starlight Season" (+24)

3) Horst Wessel: "Horst-Wessel-Lied" (+23)

--) Austra: "Painful Like" (+23)


Biggest Decliners:

1) Keluar: "Eremus" (-29)

2) Blue Hawaii: "No One Like You" (-23)

3) Ministry: "Flashback" (-20)


New Entries:

1) Nordic Resistance Movement: "Håll Fanan Högt" (#20)

2) Ashbury Heights: "Phantasmagoria" (#29)

3) Die Perlen: "Farben" (#36)

4) Phantogram: "16 Years" (#46)






1) Linea Aspera: "Hinterland" (previously peaked at #17)

2) Rebeka: "Melancholia" (previously peaked at #34)

3) Purity Ring: "Asido" (previously peaked at #41)

4) Electrogenic: "Game Over" (previously peaked at #7)


New Highs:

1) Alice in Videoland: "Something New" (#1)

2) Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, Kim Jong Il: "Where Are You, Dear General?" (#7)

3) Horst Wessel: "Horst-Wessel-Lied" (#12)

4) Neuropa: "Fashion War" (#13)

5) Ministry: "Golden Dawn" (#16)

6) Pethrol: "As Far As I Know" (#17)

7) Nine Year Sister: "Starlight Season" (#21)


New Lows:

1) Gary Numan: "My Name Is Ruin" (#9, also previously held the #9 position for one week)

2) Ten After Dawn: "Melody" (#14)

3) Thermostatic: "The Box" (#15)

4) Postiljonen: "Atlantis" (#23)

5) REIN: "(You Call It) Demcoracy" (#30)

6) Tareq feat. Marsheaux: "Playboy" (#31)

7) Ships in the Night: "World Turned Cold" (#32)

8) Marsheaux: "Get the Balance Right" (#35)

9) Blue Hawaii: "No One Like You" (#38)

10) Ministry: "Stigmata (Remix)" (#44, also previously held the #44 position for one week)

11) Goodluck: "The Storm" (#48)

12) Marsheaux: "Come on Now" (#49)

13) Keluar: "Eremus" (#50)