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Mercury Distinguished 50

October 27, 2017 | 50 songs

* With an uptick in volume this week, "Little Bird" was able to hold its own and grant Alice in Videoland a second week at #1 despite formidable competition from longstanding favourite "Lilac."

* Blue Hawaii's "Lilac," meanwhile, was resigned to #2 in its thrust back into the Top 5. However, if song plays from albums were excluded, "Lilac" would have returned to #1! "TTYN" rounds out the Top 3, a new high for vivienxo's freshman song, after an unanticipated sharp increase in plays late in the week.

* TR/ST's "Sulk" eases back to #4, remaining deadlocked in a five position range within the Top 10. Alice in Videoland sandwiches the Top 5 with its original entry "Something New" jumping nine places to #5.

* Right outside the Top 5 are the Nordic Resistance Movement's "Håll Fanan Högt" and Austra's "Spellwork," slumping to #6 and #7 respectively. Meanwhile, Postiljonen and Blank both enjoy double-digit gains as "Supreme" and "Persistence" leap to #8 and #9, making the former Postiljonen's third Top 10 hit and the latter Blank's first.

* Finishing off the Top 10 is Wolfsheim, claiming #10 with another blazing re-entry. This time, it is "Wundervoll" that jumps straight into the Top 10, making it the highest re-entry on the charts since "The Sparrows and the Nightingales" took #6 for Wolfsheim back in late August.

* Three new entries and three re-entries hit the charts this week. Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" marked the highest debut at #20, while the aforementioned "Wundervoll" led re-entries at #10.

* Lately, the #27 position has proven to be a major test of support for struggling popular songs. Last week, Ships in the Night's "Deathless" touched the #27 position for a second time, once again bouncing off of it. This week, Austra's "Lose It" has fallen to that position for the second time, being supported almost entirely by album plays at this point. Whether it can persevere through this latest test should be something to watch.

* Much unlike last week, this week has been good to Marsheaux. First, "August Day" climbed to its highest position since early August, settling at #21. Next, "To the End" was this week's biggest gainer, jumping twenty-one to #25. Lastly, "Secret Place" re-entered the charts, for the fourth time now, claiming #31 in its highest re-entry yet.

* Many songs have not been as fortunate as Marsheaux's, however. Under the surface, several favourites of late summer have begun to crack. Of these: Feathers's "Land of the Innocent" hit a new low for the first time, off four to #16; Ten After Dawn's "Melody" fell out of the Top 20 to #22; Thermostatic's "The Box" plunged twelve to #37; and Gary Numan's "My Name Is Ruin" dived seventeen to #41.

* Finally, a considerable number of new entries are expected to flood the charts next week. Volume is also expected to be unusually low, which may lead to quite the interesting chart!

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32Up this week
vivienxo - "TTYN" single cover artwork
41Down this week
TR/ST - "Sulk" single cover artwork
818Up this week
Postiljonen - "Supreme" single cover artwork
117Up this week
Austra - "Home" single cover artwork
151Up this week
Kokoko! - "Tokoliana" single cover artwork
2521Up this week
275Down this week
Austra - "Lose It" single cover artwork
28Same position as last week
30-30New this week
Feels - "Weightless" single cover artwork
31-31New this week
Marsheaux - "Secret Place" single cover artwork
3712Down this week
Thermostatic - "The Box" single cover artwork
403Up this week
Poeme Electronique - "Voice" single cover artwork
423Up this week
REIN - Rein EP album cover artwork
479Down this week
Chromatics - Kill for Love album cover artwork
489Down this week
Keluar - Vitreum (EP) album cover artwork
502Down this week
Phantogram - Nightlife album cover artwork
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Biggest Gainers:

1) Marsheaux: "To the End" (+21)

2) Postiljonen: "Supreme" (+18)

3) The Human League: "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" (+13)


Biggest Decliners:

1) Club Veg: "Yuppie Rap" (-30)

--) Still Corners: "I Wrote in Blood" (-30)

3) Neuropa: "Fashion War" (-22)


New Entries:

1) Cyndi Lauper: "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (#20)

2) Feels: "Weightless" (#30)

3) Essaie Pas: "Dépassée par le Fantasme" (#45)



1) Wolfsheim: "Wundervoll" (#10; previously peaked at #5)

2) Marsheaux: "Secret Place" (#31; previously peaked at #3)

3) Nine Year Sister: "Starlight Season" (#46; previously peaked at #21)



1) Electrogenic: "Skills" (previously peaked at #35)

2) Even More: "Rythomiser" (previously peaked at #26)

3) Ships in the Night: "World Turned Cold" (previously peaked at #2)

4) Goodluck: "Trickery" (previously peaked at #47)

5) Haysi Fantayzee: "John Wayne Is Big Leggy" (previously peaked at #1 for two non-consecutive weeks*)

6) East Wall: "Privacy" (previously peaked at #8)


New Highs:

1) Alice in Videoland: "Little Bird" (#1; also previously held the #1 position for one week)

2) vivienxo: "TTYN" (#3)

3) Postiljonen: "Supreme" (#8)

4) Blank: "Persistence" (#9)

5) Krystal System: "Automatic Ideology" (#28; also previously held the #28 position for one week)

6) Blue Hawaii: "Versus Game" (#33)


New Lows:

1) Ships in the Night: "Elegy" (#12)

2) Austra: "We Were Alive" (#14)

3) Feathers: "Land of the Innocent" (#16)

4) Ten After Dawn: "Melody" (#22)

5) Austra: "Lose It" (#27; also previously held the #27 position for one week)

6) Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, Kim Jong Il: "Where Are You, Dear General?" (#34)

7) Thermostatic: "The Box" (#37)

8) Neuropa: "Fashion War" (#39)

9) Gary Numan: "My Name Is Ruin" (#41)

10) Club Veg: "Yuppie Rap" (#43)

11) The Knife: "Like a Pen" (#44)

12) Keluar: "Vitreum" (#48)

13) Still Corners: "I Wrote in Blood" (#49)

14) Phantogram: "16 Years" (#50)