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Mercury Distinguished 50

November 10, 2017 | 50 songs

* Volume has been seeing a fairly large drop-off recently, which usually results in many songs being enabled to climb higher than they normally could achieve on regular volume weeks. This week, Blue Hawaii's "Lilac" was able to fend off any newcomers from claiming #1 for themselves. This marks week twenty for "Lilac" on the charts, as well as its thirteenth overall week at #1!

* Not to be outdone, roaring in at #2 is the very popular Poppy, with highest new entry of the week "Interweb." Lurking just behind at #3 is vivienxo's "TTYN," trying once more to gain a stronghold in the Top 3.

* Alice in Videoland is stalled at #4, with two week #1 "Little Bird" sitting at an inflection point. Rounding out the Top 5 is another new entry from Poppy: "My Microphone."

* Celebrating its thirteenth week in the Top 10 is TR/ST's "Sulk," rising two to #6. Meanwhile, "My Style" climbed seven to #7, scoring Poppy her third Top 10 and Charlotte the Mannequin's first. Austra's "Spellwork" turns 45 this week, but has to settle for a five position decline to #8.

* Thermostatic's latest hit "Unreal Dimensions" slumps two to #9. Finally, Feathers's "Land of the Innocent" creeps back up into the Top 10 for the first time in nearly a month.

* New entries and re-entries are abound this week. Poppy's aforementioned "Interweb" leads the pack of seven new entries at #2 while veteran band Visage claims the high re-entry watermark of #11 with their eponymous single "Visage."

* The lower half of the Top 20 features a smattering of re-entries. In addition to "Visage," Parralox's "Aeronaut" retakes #12 and Wolfsheim's "The Sparrows and the Nightingales" captures #14 to reclaim its place in the Top 15.

* Blue Hawaii's "Versus Game" and Feels's "Weightless" both take a more than ten place hit to fall out of the Top 10. The third and final new entry from Poppy, "Software Upgrade," debuts at #19.

* Austra and Ships in the Night both took a few hits in general this week, with Austra's "Lose It" and Ships in the Night's "Deathless" both breaking down to new lows just within the Top 40. On the bright side, Austra's "Home" and "Spellwork" both turned 45 this week while "Painful Like" turned 30.

* Finally, Ministry's "Stigmata (Remix)" turned 20 with a twenty-seven place jump to #20, making the song the biggest gainer for the week. However, "(Every Day Is) Halloween" performed in almost the exact opposite manner, plunging forty places from its #2 position last week as the biggest decliner for this week.

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1Same position as last week
Blue Hawaii - "Lilac" single cover artwork
36Up this week
vivienxo - "TTYN" single cover artwork
62Up this week
TR/ST - "Sulk" single cover artwork
11-11New this week
Visage - "Visage" single cover artwork
12-12New this week
1711Down this week
Feels - "Weightless" single cover artwork
21Same position as last week
Austra - "We Were Alive" single cover artwork
236Down this week
Kokoko! - "Tokoliana" single cover artwork
279Down this week
Marsheaux - "August Day" single cover artwork
299Down this week
Coska - "Sleepless Nights" single cover artwork
327Down this week
Austra - "Home" single cover artwork
38-38New this week
REIN - Rein EP album cover artwork
3923Down this week
Austra - "Lose It" single cover artwork
475Down this week
Phantogram - Nightlife album cover artwork
4925Down this week
Postiljonen - "Supreme" single cover artwork
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Biggest Gainers:

1) Ministry: "Stigmata (Remix)" (+27)

2) Nine Year Sister: "Starlight Season" (+10)

3) Ten After Dawn: "Melody" (+9)


Biggest Decliners:

1) Ministry: "(Every Day Is) Halloween" (-40)

2) Postiljonen: "Supreme" (-25)

3) Austra: "Lose It" (-23)


New Entries:

1) Poppy: "Interweb" (#2)

2) Poppy: "My Microphone" (#5)

3) Poppy: "Software Upgrade" (#19)

4) Welle:Erdball: "W.O.L.F." (#25)

5) Yasunori Mitsuda: "Let's Go Lightly" (#30)

6) Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, Kim Jong Il: "No Motherland Without You" (#35)

7) REIN: "Born to Die" (#38)



1) Visage: "Visage" (#11; previously peaked at #1 for four* non-consecutive weeks)

2) Parralox: "Aeronaut" (#12; previously peaked at #1 for one week)

3) Wolfsheim: "The Sparrows and the Nightingales" (#14; previously peaked at #1 for eleven consecutive weeks)

4) Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark: "Enola Gay" (#28; previously peaked at #4)

5) Aneka: "Japanese Boy" (#50; previously peaked at #1 for three consecutive weeks)



1) Wolfsheim: "Wundervoll" (previously peaked at #5)

2) Cyndi Lauper: "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (previously peaked at #20)

3) Rational Youth, Psyche: "Underrated" (previously peaked at #7)

4) Electrogenic: "Another Day" (previously peaked at #33)

5) Marsheaux: "Secret Place" (previously peaked at #3)

6) The Human League: "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" (previously peaked at #10*)

7) Chromatics: "Lady" (previously peaked at #37)

8) Neuropa: "Elements, Pt. 6" (previously peaked at #40)

9) Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, Kim Jong Il: "Where Are You, Dear General?" (previously peaked at #6)

10) Poeme Electronique: "Voice" (previously peaked at #36)

11) Club Veg: "Yuppie Rap" (previously peaked at #8)

12) Die Perlen: "Großstadtangst" (previously peaked at #27)


New Highs:

1) Blue Hawaii: "Lilac" (#1; also previously held the #1 position for twelve non-consecutive weeks)

2) vivienxo: "TTYN" (#3; also previously held the #3 position for one week)

3) Poppy feat. Charlotte: "My Style" (#7)

4) Essaie Pas: "Dépassée par le Fantasme" (#43)


New Lows:

1) Alice in Videoland: "Little Bird" (#4; also previously held the #4 position for one week)

2) Thermostatic: "Unreal Dimensions" (#9)

3) Austra: "We Were Alive" (#21; also previously held the #21 position for one week)

4) Kokoko!: "Tokoliana" (#23)

5) Ships in the Night: "Elegy" (#26)

6) Coska: "Sleepless Nights" (#29)

7) Gary Numan: "When the World Comes Apart" (#36)

8) Ships in the Night: "Deathless" (#37)

9) Austra: "Lose It" (#39)

10) The Knife: "Like a Pen" (#44; also previously held the #44 position for one week)

11) Ashbury Heights: "Phantasmagoria" (#45)

12) Linea Aspera: "Synapse" (#46)

13) Postiljonen: "Supreme" (#49)

14) Aneka: "Japanese Boy" (#50)