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Mercury Distinguished 75

A less active, quieter week on the overall charts, but a host of new entries and increased competitiveness lead the upper ranks. At #1 for a fourth consecutive week is Blue Hawaii's "Lilac," losing a bit of momentum compared to prior weeks, but retaining a solid number of leads and a relatively large edge over its peers. #2 marks this week's highest debut, as well as this artist's own personal highest debut on the charts, Ships in the Night with "World Turned Cold." "World Turned Cold" marks Ships in the Night's third top three hit and fourth top ten hit on the charts. At #3 is this week's highest re-entry, "Flashback" by Ministry; scoring their tenth top ten hit and ninth top three hit. Additionally, "Flashback" is the highest re-entry of any song for any chart since Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin's "It's My Party" re-entered at #1 in mid-December. Striking another high debut as #4 is Marsheaux's "Come on Now," the duo's fifth top ten hit and newest top ten hit since "Summer" debuted at #2 in early April. Rounding out the top ten is Ministry, as "I Wanted to Tell Her" climbing one place to #5.


In the lower half of the chart, Austra takes #6 and #7 with "Lose It" and "I Love You More Than You Love Yourself," the former now with fourteen weeks inside the top ten and the latter making a strong debut. With its debut, "I Love You MoreThan You Love Yourself" becomes Austra's fifteenth (!) top ten hit, and the biggest debuting song since "Identity" entered at #3 in mid-April. Postiljonen's "On the Run" refuses to back away, re-entering the top ten with an eight position gain to #8. Returning to the top ten for the first time in three weeks, "Deathless" by Ships in the Night climbs four to #9. Finally, Ships in the Night also takes #10 with "Dark Places" clinging once more to #10.


Right outside the top ten is a lot of Ministry - five of their songs comprise just #11 - #20. Out of these, "You Know What You Are" was by far the best performer, vaulting forty-seven places to #12. Songs from "Land of Rape and Honey" tended to outperform "With Sympathy" as a whole, with "Revenge" falling twelve from its perch last week at #3 and "Effigy" declining nine to #20 while both single and album version of "Stigmata" fared better. The rest of the bottom half of the top 20 was mixed - decliners from the top ten (like Neuropa's "The End," down nine to #17, and Marsheaux's "August Day," off eight to #18) and advancers from well beyond the top twenty (OMD's "The Punishment of Luxury," up twenty-one to #16, and Austra's "Utopia," jumping twenty-three to #19).


Elsewhere on the charts, newer songs tended to outperform the tenured. On the winning side, songs like Chromatics's "Cherry" gained ten to #22, Die Perlen's "Bahnsteig 19" climbed sixteen to #28, and Technophobia's "Factory 1981" added fifteen to #30. Some new songs tended to falter, however, like The Girl & The Robot's "Borderline" plunging twenty-four to #29 and REIN's "There Is No Authority But Yourself" falling another sixteen to #40. Lastly, new entries tended to do the best of them all. In addition to Ministry's "You Know What You Are", Welle: Erdball's "Der Flipperkönig" raced twenty-eight to #35 and Die Funkhausgruppe's "Tanzpalast" rocketed forty to #21.

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1Same position as last week
Blue Hawaii - "Lilac" single cover artwork
1512Down this week
Ministry - "Revenge" single cover artwork
179Down this week
188Down this week
Marsheaux - "August Day" single cover artwork
2510Down this week
Marsheaux - "Secret Place" single cover artwork
3315Down this week
Austra - Olympia album cover artwork
3611Down this week
Austra - "Painful Like" single cover artwork
4422Down this week
485Down this week
Austra - "Home" single cover artwork
503Down this week
Keluar - Ennoea (EP) album cover artwork
5413Up this week
TR/ST - "Bulbform" single cover artwork
574Down this week
Austra - "American Science" single cover artwork
6011Down this week
Keluar - Ennoea (EP) album cover artwork
6231Down this week
666Down this week
TR/ST - "Candy Walls" single cover artwork
6732Down this week
Essaie Pas - "Danse Sociale" single cover artwork
6933Down this week
Austra - "We Become" single cover artwork
701Up this week
Austra - Olympia album cover artwork
713Down this week
Austra - "What We Done?" single cover artwork
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Biggest Gainers:

1) Ministry: "You Know What You Are" (+47)

2) Die Funkhausgruppe: "Tanzpalast" (+40)

3) Welle: Erdball: "Der Flipperkönig" (+28)

4) Austra: "Utopia" (+23)

5) OMD: "The Punishment of Luxury" (+21)


Biggest Decliners:

1) Neuropa: "Deutschevision" (-33)

2) Austra: "We Become" (-33)

3) Essaie Pas: "Danse Sociale" (-32)

4) Vista: "Blameless" (-31)

5) Austra: "Darken Her Horse" (-25)


New Entries:

1) Ships in the Night: "World Turned Cold" (#2)

2) Marsheaux: "Come on Now" (#4)

3) Austra: "I Love You More Than You Love Yourself" (#7)

4) Alethea Leventhal: "Sign of the Zodiac" (#26)

5) Romantic Dreamers: "Poisonous Love" (#75)



1) Ministry: "Flashback" (#3, previously peaked at #70)

2) Spandau Ballet: "To Cut a Long Story Short" (#51, previously peaked at #2*)



1) A Flock of Seagulls: "(It's Not Me) Talking" (previously peaked at #1 for eight non-consecutive weeks)

2) Marsheaux: "Empire State Human" (previously peaked at #22)

3) Ministry: "(Every Day Is) Halloween" (previously peaked at #3)

4) Vision Talk: "The Machine" (previously peaked at #21)

5) Lilt: "Swim" (previously peaked at #70)

6) Youth Code: ""Destroy" Said, She" (previously peaked at #73)

7) Zanias: "Follow the Body" (previously peaked at #15)


New Highs:

1) Ministry: "You Know What You Are" (#12)

2) OMD: "The Punishment of Luxury" (#16)

3) Die Funkhausgruppe: "Tanzpalast" (#21)

4) Welle: Erdball: "Der Flipperkönig" (#35)

5) Still Corners: "Future Age" (#46)


New Lows:

1) Ships in the Night: "Dark Places" (#10, also previously held the #10 position for one week)

2) Glasperlenspiel: "Freundschaft" (#23)

3) Austra: "Hurt Me Now" (#33)

4) REIN: "There Is No Authority But Yourself" (#40)

5) Ships in the Night: "Final Hours" (#42)

6) Austra: "Home" (#48, also previously held the #48 position for one week)

7) Keluar: "Detritus" (#50)

8) Keluar: "Ennoea" (#60, also previously held the 60 position for one week)

9) Vista: "Blameless" (#62)

10) Linea Aspera: "Hinterland" (#63)

11) Youth Code: "What Is the Answer?" (#64)

12) Electrogenic: "Rise Up" (#65)

13) TR/ST: "Candy Walls" (#66)

14) Essaie Pas: "Danse Sociale" (#67)

15) Austra: "The Villain" (#68)

16) Austra: "We Become" (#69)

17) Endless Shame: "Lack of Communication" (#74)


*when non-published chart information is taken into consideration