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Mercury Distinguished 75

Another heavy volume week culminates in the success of the four biggest artists/groups of the year so far: Austra, Marsheaux, Ministry, and Ships in the Night, while virtually every other song by every other artist/group (save Tears for Fears) falters. At #1 for now a third straight week is "Lilac" by Blue Hawaii. The chillwave song now has spent the longest time at #1 since Austra's "Painful Like" held the position for three non-consecutive weeks. Additionally, "Lilac" has now had the longest consecutive run at #1 since Wolfsheim's "The Sparrows and the Nightingales" eleven-week conquer back in late February/early March! If that weren't enough, "Lilac" also broke its own record for having the largest lead over the #2 competitor set last week; and it also broke the record for having the most amount of plays in a single week, which had previously been held by "The Sparrows and the Nightingales" from its second week at #1. The biggest challenge to "Lilac" this week was Austra's "Beat and the Pulse," the late runner that has gone from meandering below the top 20 to breaking the top ten, and now the top three with its claim on #2, in just a couple of weeks. Not to be outdone is Ministry's "Revenge" at #3, visiting the top ten yet again and taking a couple new records in the process: with thirty-one weeks spent in the charts (consecutive, no less), no other song has ever been in the top five, let alone the top three, this late in their run before. At #4, at the opposite end of the Ministry spectrum, the single remix of "Stigmata" adds three as it re-enters the top five. Rounding out the top five was last week's #2, The Girl & The Robot's "Borderline."


Moving into the lower half of the top ten, we first have Ministry once more with another "With Sympathy" favourite, "I Wanted to Tell Her," up five places from last week and returning to the top ten for only the third week in its twenty-five week history. Austra's "Lose It" bucks its own trend and strays from its name, gaining one place to #7 and adding another week to its thirteen week run inside the top ten. Down three to #8 is Neuropa's "The End," though it's too early to tell whether this is the end of the song's chart success. Ships in the Night's "Dark Places" clutches its place in the top ten, rising one to #9. Finally, Marsheaux's "August Day" sneaks into the top ten, perhaps appropriately enough, adding twelve to #10. With thirty-two weeks logged in the charts, "August Day" has tied the record, shared by Visage's "Visage,"* for being in the top ten this late in its run (though unlike "Visage," "August Day" has never dropped off the charts since its debut).


Underneath the top ten is the prevailing theme for the remainder of the chart, the big four outperforming everyone and everything else. Ministry in particular found exceptional success, with "Effigy (I'm Not An)" climbing ten places to #11, reaching its highest position since March 17th, and "She's Got a Cause" jumping seventeen to #19, a new high for the song. Austra, meanwhile, also took charge with "Hate Crime" gaining fifteen to nearly a new high, #14, while "Hurt Me Now" rose to #18, up nine from its debut last week. On the other side, though, Neuropa's "Deutschevision" stumbled back eight to #20, Postiljonen's "On the Run" fell ten to #16, and Mel Brooks's "To Be or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)" got pushed down thirteen to #17.


On the overall chart, once again, pretty much all of the gains for this week were from Austra (including lead singer Katie Stelmanis's solo single "Believe Me"), Marsheaux, Ministry, Ships in the Night, and Tears for Fears. The only two exceptions were OMD's "The Punishment of Luxury," bouncing thirty-two places to #37 on new song momentum and Keluar's "Ennoea," up eleven to #49 for seemingly no reason. Tears for Fears scored big with both of last week's re-entrants: "Pale Shelter" vaulted thirty to #38 while "Mad World" hit its highest position of the year (barely), soaring forty-four to #23 and earning the prestige of being this week's biggest gainer. Breadth was sharply positive for the big four: All four of Ships in the Night's charting songs gained for the week, as did Marsheaux's; all but one ("You Know What You Are," down twenty to #59) of Ministry's ten charting songs rose; and fifteen of seventeen Austra (counting "Believe Me") songs were up on the week, the two laggards being "Future Politics" (down one to #41) and "Forgive Me" (down twenty-eight to #71). The rest of the chart and its many artists/groups fared far worse, especially for some of the newer entrants. First, REIN's "There Is No Authority But Yourself" tumbled out of the top three, down twenty-one to #24. Chromatics's "Cherry" fell to a new chart low, being cut down sixteen to #32. At #44 and #45 are Die Perlen's "Bahnsteig 19" and "Factory 1981" from Technophobia, off twenty-one and twenty, respectively. Keluar's "Detritus" and Linea Aspera's "Hinterland," a couple of last week's finest performers, slumped fourteen and eighteen to #47 and #50; the latter retreating back to where it debuted three weeks ago. Finally, supergroup Die Funkhausgruppe's chart debut song "Tanzpalast" slid twenty-four to #61.


*when non-published chart information is taken into consideration

**In the process of creating and editing this chart, I accidentally added an extra position to the chart and have been unable to remove it, thus Blume's "Western Rust" at #76. Admittedly, "Western Rust" is one of my more liked #76s, a bit of a shame to see the song erode for now.

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Blue Hawaii - "Lilac" single cover artwork
83Down this week
1012Up this week
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1610Down this week
189Up this week
Austra - Olympia album cover artwork
315Down this week
3216Down this week
Chromatics - "Cherry" single cover artwork
35-35New this week
Essaie Pas - "Danse Sociale" single cover artwork
3622Up this week
Austra - "We Become" single cover artwork
435Up this week
Austra - "Home" single cover artwork
4421Down this week
4714Down this week
Keluar - Ennoea (EP) album cover artwork
4814Up this week
Katie Stelmanis - "Believe Me" single cover artwork
4911Up this week
Keluar - Ennoea (EP) album cover artwork
5311Up this week
Austra - "American Science" single cover artwork
605Down this week
TR/ST - "Candy Walls" single cover artwork
6725Down this week
TR/ST - "Bulbform" single cover artwork
70-70New this week
7128Down this week
Austra - Olympia album cover artwork
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Biggest Gainers:

1) Tears for Fears: "Mad World" (+44)

2) Austra: "Darken Her Horse" (+36)

3) Marsheaux: "Self Control" (+34)

4) OMD: "The Punishment of Luxury" (+32)

5) Tears for Fears: "Pale Shelter" (+30)


Biggest Decliners:

1) Vision Talk: "The Machine" (-42)

2) Electrogenic: "Lumineyes" (-41)

3) Endless Shame: "Lack of Communication" (-38)

4) Austra: "Forgive Me" (-28)

5) TR/ST: "Bulbform" (-25)


New Entries:

1) Essaie Pas: "Danse Sociale" (#35)

2) Youth Code: "What Is the Answer?" (#46)

3) Still Corners: "Future Age" (#55)

4) Welle: Erdball: "Der Flipperkönig" (#63)

5) Lilt: "Swim" (#70)

6) Youth Code: ""Destroy" Said, She" (#73)






1) A Flock of Seagulls: "Talking" (previously peaked at #2)

2) Blume: "Western Rust" (previously peaked at #15)

3) Homo Futura: "Die Welt von Heute" (previously peaked at #19)

4) Neuropa: "Americana" (previously peaked at #10)

5) Treasureseason: "Archipelago" (previously peaked at #71)

6) Welle: Erdball: "1000 Engel" (previously peaked at #75)


New Highs:

1) Austra: "Beat and the Pulse" (#2)

2) Austra: "Hurt Me Now" (#18)

3) Ministry: "She's Got a Cause" (#19)

4) OMD: "The Punishment of Luxury" (#37)


New Lows:

1) Postiljonen: "On the Run" (#16)

2) Mel Brooks: "To Be or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)" (#17)

3) Glasperlenspiel: "Freundschaft" (#21)

4) REIN: "There Is No Authority But Yourself" (#24)

5) Vista: "Blameless" (#31)

6) Chromatics: "Cherry" (#32)

7) Linea Aspera: "Hinterland (#50, also previously held the #50 position for one week)

8) Electrogenic: "Rise Up" (#52)

9) Linea Aspera: "Lamanai" (#54)

10) Ministry: "You Know What You Are" (#59)

11) TR/ST: "Candy Walls" (#60)

12) Die Funkhausgruppe: "Tanzpalast" (#61)

13) Poeme Electronique: "She's an Image" (#64)

14) Poeme Electronique: "The Echoes Fade" (#65)

15) Vision Talk: "The Machine" (#66)

16) TR/ST: "Bulbform" (#67)

17) Zanias: "Follow the Body" (#75)