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February 21, 2021 | 39 songs

In it's 6th week Olivia Rodrigo reaches number 1 for the first time and reaches 37000points and is now certified GOLD .Ariana Grande Positions finally drops after a 10 week run on the Singles chart and have spent 15 weeks in the top 2 and she's the only female artist to have achieved that. 

Rita Ora collects her fifth top 10 hit  she last appeared on, "How To Be Lonely " last year when she peaked #3.Dua Lipa adds her 10th top hit as We're Good debuts at #2.Doja earns earns her third top 10 hit as Streets earns a new moving into the top 10 following her number 1 "Say So " ,earlier which she credited on 34+35 remix which peaked #3.Ariana Grande &Rihanna leads with many top 10 hits. 


1.DUA LIPA FUTURE NOSTALGIA +2(15th week at number 1)


3.ARIANA GRANDE thank u,next( REENTRY )



On the albums chart Ariana Grande Positions finally drops after straight run of 15 weeks since its debut last year and she's the only artist to run consecutively whereas Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia ran 15 weeks but non consecutively 

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43Up this week
SZA - "Good Days" single cover artwork
5-5New this week
Martin Garrix featuring Tove Lo - "Pressure" single cover artwork
6-6New this week
Imanbek - Bang album cover artwork
8-8New this week
Lil Tjay featuring 6LACK - "Calling My Phone" single cover artwork
92Up this week
H.E.R. - "Damage" single cover artwork
10-10New this week
Doja Cat - Hot Pink album cover artwork
1613Down this week
Cardi B - "Up" single cover artwork
24-24New this week
Silk City featuring Ellie Goulding - "New Love" single cover artwork
2813Up this week
Justin Bieber - "Anyone" single cover artwork
3422Down this week
Normani - "Motivation " single cover artwork
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Sat, 02/20/2021 - 8:40am
Hey Brandy! :) Firstly, I love seeing a new #1 after so long & I'm especially happy that 'Drivers License' is the song that takes it. I like the debuts for: 'We're Good', 'Big', 'Love Story [Taylor's Version]', 'If It Ain't Me', 'Capital Letters' & 'Goosebumps'! The re-entries for 'Streets' & 'Regardless' are both awesome too. Awesome chart once again!
Amit Shalom's picture
Sun, 02/21/2021 - 12:48am
Hey! Nice to see the "drivers license" rising to the top! I also liked the entries for "We're Good", "Big", "Love Story (Taylor's Version)", "If It Ain't Me", the rises for "My Head & My Heart", "Save Your Tears", "Wellerman (220 KID & Billen Ted Remix)", "Don't Play", the re-entries for "Prisoner", "New Love", "Regardless". From the album chart, I loved that FUTURE NOSTALGIA is in 1st place. Great chart!
link100100's picture
Sun, 02/21/2021 - 6:20am
Hey Brandy, what a great list especially all the new debuts. First of all, I love the new Dua Lipa entries, all great tunes. Excited to see “Big” also reach the Top 10, it’s a surprisingly fun track. I wonder if it is Rita’s next big hit. Also cool to see Doja Cat returning with “Streets”, I wondered why it was missing off your list. Awesome chart once more! :)
Brandyy's picture
Sun, 02/21/2021 - 10:07am
Rita she's amazing she should be up there the Record label is not supporting enough
Zack Khan's picture
Sun, 02/21/2021 - 9:19am
Hey, finally a new number 1. It took me a couple of weeks to get into "Driver's license" as i didn't understand the hype! It is dominating the UK and US official charts/ bilboard chart at the moment. Not surprised to see Dua Lipa as a big contender, entering at no.2. Lil Tjay may enter my chart next week - its becasue of tik tok but personally Im not feeling the song that much....yet. I like that Doja Cat re-enters with "The Steets" and that "Save Your Tears" by The Weeknd is finally climbing up the charts... Mmmm, Hailee Steinfeld on your chart...did you watch Fifty Shades this weeK :P
Brandyy's picture
Sun, 02/21/2021 - 10:10am
It just popped up on my playlist haven't given a chance back yet I really adore the instrument there and the voice
Shooter's picture
Sun, 02/21/2021 - 8:25pm
Love, love, love seeing Miley/Dua, Ella and Toni re-enter the charts! All JAMS! Ella and Miley/Dua may both end up with top-10 peaks on my chart. I guess I'm one of the few who doesn't see the greatness in Driver's License. haha it's a fine song but nothing special to me.