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My rankings of the Billboard Hot 100 #1s of 2019

November 4, 2019 | 13 songs | No points
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Bad Guy gets an easy 10/10! I adore the bass line and Billie herself too much!


Mon, 11/04/2019 - 5:25pm
I guess the good thing about doing it this way is that you can update it for any future #1s we have in 2019! I might use this method for Hot 100 #1s in 2020. Anyway, there's no question 'Bad Guy' would be #1, even if I got a bit tired of it due to longevity! Is that the same reason as to why 'Old Town Road [Remix]' is so low for you?
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Mon, 11/04/2019 - 5:32pm
Good point there Piran! I'll also be posting my favourite songs of 2019 on Boxing Day. I was saying about Bad Guy that it was the bassline that was true adoration! I also really love the beat, and the ominous lyrics. OTR did indeed get old fast and I got so sick of it being overplayed on the radio, and I'm the only one here who thinks Billy Ray was very weak here, but Lil Nas X has done much worse things!
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Mon, 11/04/2019 - 5:26pm
Bad guy, lytlm, Shallow, Without Me: 10/10 Someone You Loved, Senorita: 9/10 Highest In The Room, Thank U, Next: 8/10 Truth Hurts, Sunflower: 7/10 Sucker: 6/10 7 rings: 5/10 OTR: 3/10