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The Weeknd's "After Hours" - Best To Worst

May 23, 2020 | 14 songs | No points

Here’s a surprise chart for all of you - my current chart may be broken, but I decided to do this one to make up for it! Gameskiller should be satisfied since The Weeknd is one of his favourite artists right now. This has changed from what it used to be - songs grew on me a bit, and some grated on me a bit. This consists entirely of my opinion, so please be respectful.

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Just like on Headline Planet, time for ranks! ;)

  1. Faith (9/10)
  2. After Hours (8.5/10)
  3. Alone Again (8/10)
  4. Heartless (8/10)
  5. Escape From LA (8/10)
  6. Save Your Tears (7/10)
  7. Scared To Live (7/10)
  8. Until I Bleed Out (6/10)
  9. Hardest To Love (6/10)
  10. In Your Eyes (6/10)
  11. Repeat After Me (5.5/10)
  12. Too Late (5.5/10)
  13. Snowchild (4/10)
  14. Blinding Lights (1.5/10)


sergejdordij's picture
Sat, 05/23/2020 - 7:58am
Nice ranking from you Coolocelot! One of the best albums I've listened to this year, alongside Dua Lipa's album and Niall Horan's album. I might try to do this as well with other albums! Also, JESUS at "Blinding Lights" being your least favourite, was it the overplay that killed this song for you? Either way. here's my ranking of his new album: 1. Save Your Tears (10/10) 2. Faith (10/10) 3. Blinding Lights (10/10) 4. In Your Eyes (10/10) 5. Scared To Live (9/10) 6. Heartless (9/10) 7. After Hours (9/10) 8. Escape From LA (9/10) 9. Alone Again (9/10) 10. Until I Bleed Out (8/10) 11. Hardest To Love (8/10) 12. Snowchild (8/10) 13. Too Late (8/10) 14. Repeat After Me (just because it's an interlude, aka my least favourite) (8/10) All songs are ranked from 10/10 to 8/10, the album is just amazing, even the "worst" ones are good songs and could even grow on me more! As of now I'm torn between making the next single I want to make for The Weeknd in my chart, it's either "Save Your Tears" or "Faith", but I choose because both songs are outstanding!
coolocelot101's picture
Sat, 05/23/2020 - 1:51pm
Thanks Sergej! Yeah, I can put this album up there with Eternal Atake and Manic for me, it’s a very good record! I’m thinking of doing this more often too. In regards to your question about Blinding Lights, the overplay helped it get to a low score, and it’s also aged really badly for me unfortunately. Onto your rankings now, I love Save Your Tears and Faith as your Top 2. I could see why you’d rank Repeat After Me as your worst, as it’s an interlude, but I’m happy to see you give that one an 8/10, you must have really enjoyed the album! I think Faith should be the next single, though Save Your Tears is more radio friendly, so I wouldn’t mind if it was that. Ultimately though, have a nice weekend and stay safe! :)
Gameskiller01's picture
Sun, 05/24/2020 - 10:30am
Hey CoolOcelot! This is a really good ranking here, and you're right, The Weeknd is definitely one of my favourite artists right now! It's great to see 'Faith' at #1 with a 9/10 score, and I especially love 'After Hours' being #2! I also love that 'Alone Again', 'Heartless', 'Escape From LA' and 'Save Your Tears' all got good scores as those are all some of my favourites from the album. It's a shame to see 'Blinding Lights' at the bottom with such a low score though, as it's still a very good song for me and is currently on its 16th consecutive week in the Top 4 on my charts! Anyway, this would be my ranking of the album, from worst to best: 17) 'Final Lullaby' (58/100) 16) 'Scared To Live' (77/100) 15) 'Hardest To Love' (79/100) 14) 'Nothing Compares' (82/100) 13) 'Missed You' (83/100) 12) 'Repeat After Me (Interlude)' (85/100) 11) 'Snowchild' (86/100) 10) 'Until I Bleed Out' (90/100) 9) 'Alone Again' (90/100) 8) 'In Your Eyes' (91/100) 7) 'Escape From LA' (92/100) 6) 'Save Your Tears' (93/100) 5) 'Heartless' (94/100) 4) 'Faith' (96/100) 3) 'Too Late' (96/100) 2) 'Blinding Lights' (98/100) 1) 'After Hours' (100/100) Average: 1,490/1,700 (87.6%)