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Potaro's Hot 100

October 11, 2019 | 100 songs


#100: Take What You Want - Post Malone ft. Travis Scott & Ozzy Osbourne [100P, 2W]

#99: Up In Flames - Kayzo ft. All Time Low [16P, 17W]

#98: The End Of The Game - Weezer [98P, 1W]

#97: Too Bad - Rival Sons [97P, 1W]

#96: The Runner - Foals [96P, 1W]

#95: When I'm Gone - Dirty Honey [93P, 2W]

#92: Never Be The Same - Tritonal ft. Rosie Darling [92P, 1W]

#91: Losing Our Minds - Taska Black ft. Nevve [49P, 14W]

#90: Clean Eyes (The Midnight Remix) - SYML & The Midnight [90P, 1W]

#86: Those Were The Days - Midnight Kids ft. Jared Lee [47P, 20W]

#85: Ave Maria - Markus Schulz ft. HALIENE [85P, 1W]

#84: Real Long Time - White Reaper [84P, 1W]

#82: Whisper - MaRLo ft. HALIENE [82P, 1W]

#77: Go - The Black Keys [56P, 15W]

#76: Dead Boys - Sam Fender [71P, 3W]

#72: Alive (MitiS Remix) - Dabin & MitiS ft. Runn [24P, 5W]

#70: Part-Time Lover (Crystal Skies Remix) - Dabin & Crystal Skies ft. Claire Ridgely [36P, 5W]

#66: Not Alone - D I V I N I T Y & OHEY ft. Emily Jean [66P, 1W]

#40: Heat Of The Summer - Young The Giant [24P, 28W]

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11Up this week
Anki featuring Mouse - "Our Escape" single cover artwork
32Down this week
Au5 - "Divine" single cover artwork
9Same position as last week
RØRY - "Riptide" single cover artwork
10-10New this week
Anki featuring Vini - "Brand New" single cover artwork
183Down this week
The Midnight - "America 2" single cover artwork
193Up this week
Lizzo - "Juice" single cover artwork
274Up this week
The Amazons - "Doubt It" single cover artwork
295Down this week
Dabin featuring Inukshuk & Nevve - "Another Day" single cover artwork
32-32New this week
Anki featuring Hicari - "Just A Game" single cover artwork
334Down this week
ILLENIUM featuring Kameron Alexander - "Pray" single cover artwork
362Up this week
Lizzo - "Boys" single cover artwork
385Down this week
Dabin featuring Runn - "Alive" single cover artwork
425Down this week
The Midnight - "Lost Boy" single cover artwork
467Down this week
Xilent - "The Darkness" single cover artwork
48-48New this week
Jason Ross featuring Fiora - "When The Night Falls" single cover artwork
5110Down this week
ILLENIUM featuring Foy Vance - "Blood" single cover artwork
525Down this week
Amidy featuring Karra - "Way Down" single cover artwork
565Down this week
The Academic - "SUPERLIKE" single cover artwork
618Down this week
Anki - "Adrift" single cover artwork
627Down this week
Avicii - "Heaven" single cover artwork
67-67New this week
KAAZE featuring Karra - "Devil Inside Me" single cover artwork
7113Down this week
Said The Sky featuring JT Roach - "Potions" single cover artwork
7519Up this week
SYML - "Clean Eyes" single cover artwork
78-78New this week
Big Wild - "No Words (Analog)" single cover artwork
791Up this week
Runn - "Contagious" single cover artwork
83-83New this week
Sullivan King featuring Cayte Lee - "Ricochet" single cover artwork
854Up this week
Spoon - "No Bullets Spent" single cover artwork
86-86New this week
KAAZE featuring Nino Lucarelli - "My Favorite Enemy" single cover artwork
87-87New this week
KAAZE featuring Nino Lucarelli - "Eye Of The Storm" single cover artwork
8815Down this week
The Midnight - "America Online" single cover artwork
8911Down this week
The Amazons - "All Over Town" single cover artwork
90-90New this week
Carly Rae Jepsen - "Don't Speak" single cover artwork
91-91New this week
DESERT STAR - "Edge Of The World" single cover artwork
921Up this week
Ghost - "Kiss The Go-Goat" single cover artwork
9310Down this week
Don Diablo featuring KiFi - "The Same Way" single cover artwork
94-94New this week
Big Wild featuring Rationale - "6's To 9's (Analog)" single cover artwork
95-95New this week
Big Wild - "Maker (Analog)" single cover artwork
96-96New this week
KAAZE featuring Karra - "California Gold" single cover artwork
97-97New this week
Sleater-Kinney - "ANIMAL" single cover artwork
98-98New this week
Arty featuring Cimo Fränkel - "Daydreams" single cover artwork
99-99New this week
MYRNE featuring Karra - "Worlds Away" single cover artwork
100-100New this week
The Interrupters - "Bad Guy" single cover artwork
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  1. Falling - Dropgun & Asketa (+6)
  2. Teeth - 5 Seconds Of Summer (+1)
  3. Let You Know - Flume ft. London Grammar  (+7)
  4. Summer Nights - SIAMÈS (+2)
  5. Discovery - Syn Cole ft. Victor Crowne (-3)
  6. Hate Me (Sometimes) - Stand Atlantic (+3)
  7. Panic Attack - The Glorious Sons (+8)
  8. This Is The End - Gammer (-4)
  9. Myself - Post Malone (-4)
  10. Catch - Jaron (NEW)
  11. Rushing Back - Flume ft. Vera Blue (-5)
  12. Love Is Gone - SLANDER (NEW)
  13. Otherside - MYRNE ft. Grabbitz (NEW)
  14. People - The 1975 (-3)
  15. Degenerates - A Day To Remember (-1)
  16. These Thoughts In My Head - Jaron (NEW)
  17. Sugar Honey Ice & Tea - Bring Me The Horizon (-4)
  18. Broken - WE ARE FURY ft. Luma (+4)
  19. You Say - Duumu ft. Pauline Herr (+4)
  20. Love Is Gone (Crystal Skies Remix) - SLANDER ft. Dylan Matthew (NEW)
  21. HI, I’m Waiting - Repeat Repeat (-9)
  22. Air On Line - Anamanaguchi (NEW)
  23. Up In Smoke - KAAZE ft. NEEN (NEW)
  24. Death Stranding - CHVRCHES (NEW)
  25. Hit The Back - King Princess (NEW)


Dropouts 9


Everybody Here Hates You - Courtney Barnett 

Imaginary Friends - Japanese Wallpaper

Get Back - Wolf Saga 

Arcade Dreams (TimeCop1983 Remix) - The Midnight

Angels - Bear Grillz ft. RUNN

Demons - Bear Grillz ft. RUNN

God Damnit (Hex Cougar Remix) - Illenium ft. Call Me Karisma 

Holy Water - Galantis

Be Fine - Ekali ft. Wafia