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8th March, 2019 - 14th March, 2019

March 15, 2019 | 40 songs

My Favourite Songs, Albums and Artists of All Time:

Top albums of the week:

1) Dave - 'PSYCHODRAMA' (Debut)
2) Ariana Grande - 'thank u, next' (-1)
3) AJ Tracey - 'AJ Tracey' (-1)
4) Post Malone - 'beerbongs & bentleys' (-1)
5) Sigrid - 'Sucker Punch' (Debut)

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1-1New this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
4-4New this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
7-7New this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
9-9New this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
10-10New this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
1114Up this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
18-18New this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
2510Down this week
Post Malone - "Wow." single cover artwork
2612Down this week
Cashmere Cat featuring Ariana Grande - "Quit" single cover artwork
27-27New this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
30-30New this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
3211Down this week
21 Savage - "a lot" single cover artwork
3411Down this week
AJ Tracey - "Psych Out!" single cover artwork
35-35New this week
Dave - PSYCHODRAMA album cover artwork
363Down this week
Ed Sheeran - "Bloodstream" single cover artwork
3910Down this week
Headie One featuring Dave - "18HUNNA" single cover artwork
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After 4 weeks, Ariana Grande's domination comes to an abrupt end at the hands of Dave, who dethrones Ariana on both the singles and albums charts. On the albums, his 'PYSCHODRAMA' debuts at #1 as the only ever UK rap album to reach the top, while over on the singles the 11-minute long 'Lesley' debuts at #1. Not only is it by far the longest ever #1, it's the longest track to ever reach my charts, with its 11:08 passing the 10:42 of Ed Sheeran's 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You (captured in The Live Room)'. It's Dave's 3rd #1, after 'Funky Friday' and '18HUNNA'. Dave has a total of 6 Top 10s this week, while 'PSYCHODRAMA' sees all 11 of its tracks chart, making it only the 6th album to chart in its entirety, following 'Camila', 'My Dear Melancholy,', 'beerbongs & bentleys', 'Kamikaze' and 'thank u, next'.

The highest climber of the week also comes from Dave, as his 'Black' climbs 14 places from #25 to just outside of the Top 10 at #11, while Lewis Capaldi's tracks are the highest charting non-Dave or Ariana tracks, with 'Grace' at #12 and 'Someone You Loved' at #13. Ava Max makes a chart return after 'Sweet but Psycho' peaked at #5 as follow-up track 'So Am I' debuts at a very high #14, considering the circumstances. Ariana Grande still has a total of 16 tracks on the chart this week, and when combined with Dave's 12 tracks that makes for 28 tracks between them, or 70% of the chart! There are also a couple of very high-profile dropouts, as both 'She Loves Control' and 'rockstar' drop out - both tracks have spent over a year on the chart, and were 2 of only 3 tracks to manage it. The other is 'Bloodstream', which spends its 96th week on the chart this week!

Thanks for reading everyone! :D

Notable events:

  • Dave's 'PYSHCODRAMA' debuts at #1 on the albums chart, the only UK rap album to ever reach #1
  • Dave also debuts at #1 on the singles chart, as 'Lesley' becomes his 3rd #1
  • 'Lesley' is the longest ever song to reach my charts, at a hefty 11:08
  • Dave has a total of 6 Top 10 entries this week, tying 'beerbongs & bentleys' for 4th
  • 'PSYCHODRAMA' sees all 11 of its tracks chart this week, making it just the 6th album to chart in its entirety
  • 'Black' is the highest climber of the week, up 14 places to #11
  • 'So Am I' is the highest non-Dave debut, at a circumstantially high #14
  • Ariana Grande and Dave hold 70% of the chart between them
  • 2 of the 3 tracks to spend over a year on the chart, 'She Loves Control' and 'rockstar', drop out this week

Early predictions for next week's Top 10 (new entries to the Top 10 in bold):

1) Dave ft. Ruelle - 'Lesley' (=) ^
2) Dave - 'Streatham' (+2) ^
3) Dave ft. Burna Boy - 'Location' (+6) ^^
4) Dave - 'Screwface Capital' (+2) ^
5) Ariana Grande - 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' (-3) --
6) Ariana Grande - 'bad idea' (-3) --
7) Lewis Capaldi - 'Grace' (+5) ^
8) Ariana Grande - 'God is a woman' (-3) --
9) Lewis Capaldi - 'Someone You Loved' (+4) ^
10) Dave - 'Psycho' (-3) --

EXTREMELY notable dropout:
Camila Cabello - 'She Loves Control'

4 consecutive weeks at #1 (tied 3rd longest for consecutive, tied 4th longest for non-consecutive)
16 non-consecutive weeks in the Top 10; 14 consecutive
60 consecutive weeks on the chart (3rd longest)

EXTREMELY notable dropout:
Post Malone ft. 21 Savage - 'rockstar'

#2 peak (best performing non-#1 ever)
15 non-consecutive weeks in the Top 10; 8 consecutive
74 consecutive weeks on the chart (2nd longest)

Dropouts (notable dropouts in bold):

LW #22 - Ariana Grande - 'thank u, next' - (#2 Peak, 17 WoC)
LW #24 - Nina Nesbitt - 'Chloe' - (#2 Peak, 5 WoC)
LW #26 - Martin Jensen, James Arthur - 'Nobody' - (#26 Peak, 1 WoC)
LW #28 - Ariana Grande - 'make up' - (#14 Peak, 4 WoC)
LW #30 - Ariana Grande, The Weeknd - 'Love Me Harder' - (#30 Peak, 2 WoC)
LW #34 - Nina Nesbitt - 'Loyal to Me' - (#9 Peak, 6 WoC)
LW #35 - Ariana Grande - 'everytime' - (#3 Peak, 11 WoC)
LW #36 - Nina Nesbitt - 'Colder' - (#1 Peak (x1), 14 WoC)
LW #37 - Camila Cabello - 'She Loves Control' - (#1 Peak (x4), 60 WoC)
LW #38 - Post Malone ft. 21 Savage - 'rockstar' - (#2 Peak, 74 WoC)
LW #40 - Tom Walker ft. Zara Larsson - 'Now You're Gone' - (#40 Peak, 1 WoC)


Sun, 03/17/2019 - 2:34pm
Hey Gameskiller! I hope you're good this weekend. :) I like the impact Dave had your impact this week! While I thought the album was decent to good in general, like you with 'Sucker Punch', 'PSYCHODRAMA' didn't really have much of an effect on my own chart! Interestingly, while Dave has 12 tracks inside your Top 40 right now, it's Ariana who still has the most charting songs with 16. Elsewhere, I'm happy that both of Lewis Capaldi's songs are continuing to do well & that they're set to climb further next week, as well as 'So Am I' being the highest debut not from Dave (that would've been Top 10 without the 'PSYCHODRAMA' impact!). I'll reply to you over on the OCC page shortly! Good chart once again.
Gameskiller01's picture
Sun, 03/17/2019 - 5:54pm
Hey Piran! Dave's still set to have a big impact next week - his top songs will likely climb, but his lower down songs will likely fall. A few tracks from 'PSYCHODRAMA' will likely fall out next week, but replacing them will likely be some tracks from his 'Game Over' EP. Ariana managed to get more than Dave since she still has 10 tracks from 'thank u, next' on the chart, and combined with her 3 'Sweetener' tracks, 2 features and 'One Last Time' she still has a stranglehold over much of the chart. Dave only has his 11 'PSYCHODRAMA' tracks, plus '18HUNNA', which hold most of the top but not much further down. Lewis' tracks could very well both be Top 5 hits as Ariana & Dave's tracks fall in the coming weeks, while 'So Am I' could definitely be a Top 10 hit, since it would've been #7 if not for Dave's debuts and climbs. Thanks for the comment! :D
Thu, 03/21/2019 - 7:02pm
Hey Gameskiller! I found Dave's new album decent with some great highlights in there! I also like the debut for "So Am I" as well! Great chart!
Gameskiller01's picture
Fri, 03/22/2019 - 4:16pm
Hey Sergej! I really loved 'PSYCHODRAMA', as is clear from this chart, and for the biggest highlight by far was 'Lesley', it may not be the catchiest song on there, but it has by far the best writing and storytelling, and it really showcases Dave's talent as a lyricist, songwriter and storyteller. 'So Am I' should be climbing over the coming weeks, as it would be been #7 this week if not for the Dave impact! Thanks for the comment! :D