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My Top 20

had to post this for the upcoming week in advance, going out of town on the 7th also i didn't want to wait anymore lmao

Quick Top 5 Roundup:

"Lucky Girl" blasts up to #1, after I found the song back on June 15th. It was a bit of a slow burn, but now it's one of my favorites of the year. "Imaginary Parties" holds steady at #2, missing the #1 spot by 8 plays. Lorde stays in the top 5 this week, but with "Green Light" instead of "Homemade Dynamite", which plummets to #13. Heize bows in at #4 with "Don't Know You". Found myself on a bit of a K-Pop kick these past few days, and this one was the one that stuck the best. Finally, Coldplay sticks around in the top 5 with "All I Can Think About Is You", though expect that one to drop out of the top 10 next week because my song choices are drifting away from love songs. 

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