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October 18, 2020 | 100 songs

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NCT are taking over the whole chart this week after the release of their album "NCT Resonance, Pt. 1". NCT Dream debut at #1 with the album track "Déjà Vu", making it the third top 10 song for NCT Dream and their second #1 debut after "Ridin'" debuted on top of the charts in May 2020. Treasure drop from #1 to #2 after spending four weeks on top. NCT's new title track "Make A Wish (Birthday Song)", performed by Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Lucas, Xiaojun, Jaemin and newcomer Shotaro as NCT U debuts at #3. Golden Child's "Pump It Up" stays at #4. Stray Kids' "Back Door" falls three spots to #5. BDC's synthpop anthem "Shoot the Moon" continues to rise on the chart, going up from #7 to #6. TREASURE's debut song "Boy" leaves the top five after ten weeks and drops to #7. VERIVERY also debut in the top 10 this week, their new song "G.B.T.B." debuts at #8, this is the second time VERIVERY debuted in the top 10, their previous title song "Thunder" debuted at #7 in July. Golden Child's "ONE (Lucid Dream)" continues to stay in the top 10, dropping only one spot to #9. BOYHOOD's "Retro Love" falls from #6 to #10.

NCT and their sub-units debut a total of five new songs in the Top 50. Among the top ten debuts, the songs "Music, Dance" (performed by NCT 127) debuts at #15; "Nectar" (performed by WayV) at #23 and "From Home" (performed by NCT U) at #45, the latter will definitely rise on the chart next week because it will be promoted next. VERIVERY debut three new songs on the chart, the title track debuted in the top 10 and two other album tracks debut at #27 ("Get Outta My Way") and #40 ("MY FACE"), making it the first time a non-promoted album track from VERIVERY debuts. Former Pentagon member Dawn makes his chart debut. His new song "DAWNDIDIDAWN" featuring the rapper Jessi debuts at #34. His ex-group Pentagon failed to reach the top 50 and their song "Daisy" debuts at #69.

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4Same position as last week
Golden Child - Pump It Up album cover artwork
53Down this week
Stray Kids - IN生 album cover artwork
8-8New this week
VERIVERY - FACE US album cover artwork
104Down this week
BOYHOOD - "Retro Love" single cover artwork
116Down this week
Hoppipolla - "Let's" single cover artwork
122Down this week
SuperM - "Tiger Inside" single cover artwork
163Down this week
Stray Kids - GO生 album cover artwork
186Down this week
Stray Kids - IN生 album cover artwork
23-23New this week
NCT - NCT RESONANCE Pt.1 album cover artwork
244Down this week
VERIVERY - FACE YOU album cover artwork
257Up this week
THE BOYZ - CHASE album cover artwork
265Down this week
SEVENTEEN - 24H album cover artwork
2812Down this week
Medina - "In and Out of Love" single cover artwork
297Down this week
Woo featuring CIFIKA - "USED TO" single cover artwork
315Down this week
BANG YE DAM - "WAYO" single cover artwork
329Down this week
Kim Yohan - "No More" single cover artwork
339Down this week
BOYHOOD - "Boring Home" single cover artwork
34-34New this week
Dawn featuring Jessi - "DAWNDIDIDAWN" single cover artwork
379Down this week
Zayvo - boom ! z.. z.. album cover artwork
40-40New this week
VERIVERY - FACE US album cover artwork
427Down this week
Oklou - Galore album cover artwork
448Down this week
Sik-K - "RSVP" single cover artwork
488Down this week
DeathbyRomy - "Beautiful Mayhem" single cover artwork
49Same position as last week
5511Down this week
SEVENTEEN - Heng:garae album cover artwork
5610Down this week
Lady Gaga - "911" single cover artwork
5816Down this week
I-LAND - "I&credible" single cover artwork
5911Down this week
SuperM - "100" single cover artwork
6010Down this week
JO1 - STARGAZER album cover artwork
6413Down this week
Declan McKenna - Zeros album cover artwork
6510Down this week
Crush - "OHIO" single cover artwork
6710Down this week
Oklou - Galore album cover artwork
6814Down this week
KNK - KNK AIRLINE album cover artwork
69-69New this week
PENTAGON - WE:TH album cover artwork
7014Down this week
ZICO - Random Box album cover artwork
7111Down this week
Jónsi featuring Robyn - "Salt Licorice" single cover artwork
73-73New this week
Inna - "Call Me Now" single cover artwork
759Down this week
Woo - BLACK OUT album cover artwork
7810Down this week
Lee Jinhyuk - Splash! album cover artwork
7910Down this week
Glaive - "arsenic" single cover artwork
8217Down this week
Danny L Harle featuring Lil Texas - "Dreaming" single cover artwork
834Down this week
Sik-K - HEADLINER album cover artwork
8611Down this week
GroovyRoom featuring HAON - "Daylight" single cover artwork
8714Down this week
1the9 - Turn Over album cover artwork
8824Down this week
Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion - "WAP" single cover artwork
9110Down this week
Shygirl - "FREAK" single cover artwork
936Down this week
Medina - "Til Den Lyse Morgen" single cover artwork
956Down this week
Park Jihoon - The W album cover artwork
976Down this week
Bree Runway - "Little Nokia" single cover artwork
98Same position as last week
NCT DREAM - RELOAD album cover artwork
99Same position as last week
EXO - OBSESSION album cover artwork
100Same position as last week
D.O. - "That's Okay" single cover artwork
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