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Menelaos' Top 40

February 8, 2020 | 40 songs

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7Same position as last week
Ava Max - "Alone, Pt. II" single cover artwork
93Down this week
Halsey - "3am" single cover artwork
103Up this week
Conan Gray - "Maniac" single cover artwork
18-18New this week
Taylor Swift - "Only The Young" single cover artwork
22-22New this week
Kesha - High Road album cover artwork
23Same position as last week
Tame Impala - "Lost In Yesterday" single cover artwork
25-25New this week
Fleur East - "Lucky" single cover artwork
28Same position as last week
Demi Lovato - "Anyone" single cover artwork
2913Down this week
Future featuring Drake - "Life Is Good" single cover artwork
31-31New this week
Kesha - High Road album cover artwork
3319Down this week
Arizona Zervas - "ROXANNE" single cover artwork
35-35New this week
Louis Tomlinson - "Two of Us" single cover artwork
37-37New this week
Grace Davies - "Invisible" single cover artwork
384Down this week
Ava Max - "On Somebody" single cover artwork
39-39New this week
Kesha - High Road album cover artwork
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Zack Khan's picture
Thu, 02/06/2020 - 6:04pm
Hi Menelaos. Not surprised to see Dua Lipa come in straight at number 1. Great tune. Taylor' new song is catchy too, just breaking into your top 20. Interesting to see Kesha's high road and Fleur East enter your chart. Maggie Rogers is still going strong. Finally, great to see Grace Davies enter your chart, seemed like an eternity before she has released her debut song. I wonder if Pussycat dolls will chart for you next week and Anne Marie is back too.
Menelaus's picture
Fri, 02/07/2020 - 12:37pm
Hey Zack! "Physical" is probably her best on the new album! I also loved the political message in Taylor's new song and Kesha's comeback album. Hopefully, the Pussycat dolls will chart next week. As for Anne-Marie, I guess we'll see... Thanks for the comments!
Zack Khan's picture
Fri, 02/07/2020 - 6:26pm
Well, who knows what other tracks she will have on her new album but physical will be hard to beat. It has just entered at number 1 on my chart too! Kesha has a good mixture of songs, a few have just been under my top 40 and one may climb into the chart next week but will be tight.