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Menelaos' Top 40

January 9, 2021 | 40 songs

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1Same position as last week
Taylor Swift - "willow" single cover artwork
94Up this week
Loote - "Exes" single cover artwork
151Down this week
Billie Eilish - "Therefore I Am" single cover artwork
28-28New this week
Kyan Palmer - "Why So Serious?" single cover artwork
39-39New this week
PUBLIC - "Splash" single cover artwork
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1. Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts ( = )

2. Taylor Swift - evermore ( = )

3. RAYE - Euphoric Sad Songs ( NEW )

4. Ariana Grande - positions ( RE )

5. Astrid S - Leave It Beautiful ( RE )


Amit Shalom's picture
Mon, 01/11/2021 - 12:14am
Hi! I loved the entries for "Love Of Your Life" and "Why So Serious?", the re-entry for "Real Groove", and the rise for "LUCID". Great chart!
alephunk's picture
Tue, 01/12/2021 - 3:21pm
Feel The Love is such a bop, loved getting to know this song here. Gabrielle and Harry debuting <3 Awesome chart!
sergejdordij's picture
Wed, 01/13/2021 - 1:11am
Hi Menelaos! Nice to see "Willow" at the top, as well as the huge gains for "happiness" and "Night Crawling", the return for "Real Groove" and the debuts for "Treat People With Kindness" and "Splash"! Great chart!