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42Down this week
Sigrid - "Home To You" single cover artwork
11-11New this week
JVG - Rata/Raitti album cover artwork
16-16New this week
18Same position as last week
Arizona Zervas - "ROXANNE" single cover artwork
193Up this week
Diviners featuring Philly K - "Savannah" single cover artwork
217Down this week
Taylor Swift - Lover album cover artwork
2312Down this week
Coldplay - "Orphans" single cover artwork
24-24New this week
2712Down this week
Maroon 5 - "Memories" single cover artwork
28-28New this week
Marshmello featuring blackbear - "Tongue Tied" single cover artwork
295Up this week
Endor - "Pump It Up" single cover artwork
31-31New this week
3413Down this week
Regard - "Ride It" single cover artwork
3516Down this week
Lizzo - "Good as Hell" single cover artwork
36-36New this week
3714Down this week
Sam Feldt featuring RANI - "Post Malone" single cover artwork
403Down this week
Sigala featuring Ella Henderson - "We Got Love" single cover artwork
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#1: Gryffin ft Maia Wright - Body Back (=) ^^   [555]

#2: Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go (debut) ^^   [442]

#3: Echosmith - Shut Up & Kiss Me (debut) ^^   [429]

#4: Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (-2) v   [420]

#5: Echosmith - Lonely Generation (-1) v   [410]

#6: Marshmello ft YUNGBLUD & Blackbear - Tongue Tied (+22) ^^   [393]

#7: Sigrid - Home To You (-3) v   [381]

#8: Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted (+5) ^   [371]

#9: Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (-4) v   [368]

#10: Arizona Zervas - Roxanne (+8) ^^   [363] 



^^ Big gain in performance

^ Small gain in performance

-- Stationary in performance

v Small loss in performance

vv Big loss in performance





Camila Cabello - Easy (#4 peak, 5 weeks in chart) 

Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours (#7 peak, 6 weeks in chart) 

Camila Cabello - Liar (#1 peak, 10 weeks in chart) 

SAINt JHN - Roses [Imanbek Remix] (#2 peak, 5 weeks in chart) 

Route 94 - Forget The Girl (#22 peak, 4 weeks in chart) 

ILLENIUM & Jon Bellion - Good Things Fall Apart (#5 peak, 8 weeks in chart) 

Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved (#3 peak, 25 weeks in chart)

Ed Sheeran ft Camila Cabello & Cardi B - South Of The Border (#2 peak, 13 weeks in chart) 

Aitch ft ZieZie - Buss Down (#29 peak, 6 weeks in chart) 

Taylor Swift - September [Cover] (#17 peak, 2 weeks in chart) 

MEDUZA, Becky Hill & GOODBOYS - Lose Control (#10 peak, 5 weeks in chart) 

Kygo & Whitney Houston - Higher Love (#4 peak, 19 weeks in chart)





#1: Zac Brown Band - Someone I Used To Know [Kue Radio Remix] (debut)

#2: Halsey - Graveyard (+2)

#3: Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go (debut)

#4: The Black Eyed Peas x J Balvin - RITMO [Bad Boys For Life] (debut) 

#5: Sam Smith - I Feel Love (+4)

#6: Young T & Bugsey ft Headie One - Don't Rush (debut)

#7: Roberto Surace - Joys (=)

#8: Pyhimys - Valo pimeän (debut)

#9: Echosmith - Circles [Cover] (debut)

#10: Echosmith - Someone You Loved [Cover] (debut) 





#1: Pixie Lott - All About Tonight (2011) 

#2: Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (1994)

#3: WHAM! - Last Christmas (1984) 

#4: Taylor Swift - Love Story (2008) 

#5: Taylor Swift - 22 (2012) 

#6: The Pogues ft Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale Of New York (1987) 

#7: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (2008) 

#8: Kelly Clarkson - Underneath The Tree (2013)

#9: Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (2012)

#10: Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger (2011) 





(other than some songs moving slightly, this'll be very similar to the final chart of the year, which will be posted next weekend)


coolocelot101's picture
Fri, 11/22/2019 - 6:18am
Hey Piran! I haven't heard your #1 of choice, but further down I adore that debut for Everything I Wanted. I'll say this now, it's going to be a very positive review for the song on OCC tonight from me! I also love Beautiful Ghosts and Tongue Tied entering and Pump It Up climbing. Great chart again! ;)
Fri, 11/22/2019 - 10:22am
Hey Coolocelot! How's it going? :) I think you're going to at least like my #1, maybe even love it! It's very much a summer dance-pop song, so considering you liked 'Post Malone', hopefully you'll be on board with this too. 'Everything I Wanted' might go Top 10 eventually, which would actually be a first for a Billie Eilish song, so keep an eye out for that one! 'Tongue Tied' should be climbing dramatically next week, while 'Beautiful Ghosts' should be doing the opposite sadly! 'Pump It Up' might go a little further yet. Thanks for the comment!
sergejdordij's picture
Fri, 11/22/2019 - 2:26pm
Hey Piran! Holy moly, I would never see this in a million years, a surprising new #1! Now that "Body Back" is your #1, I'll hear your #1 soon and I'll tell you somewhere what I thought about it? Nice to see "Living Proof" in the top 10 of course! I also like the big gain for "Even Though I'm Leaving", hopefully this'll re-enter in my chart (since this keeps growing on me). Finally the debut for "Everything I Wanted" is also great, need to listen to the other songs soon. Great chart as always, hopefully you'll check out my chart too if you have the time!
Fri, 11/22/2019 - 3:33pm
Hey Sergej! :) 'Body Back' is such a vibrant, summery dance-pop anthem, so I think you're going to end up enjoying it! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it though. 'Living Proof' will drop a bit over the next couple of weeks, but then it could get a massive rebound as soon as 'Romance' is released! 'Even Though I'm Leaving' is growing on me fast too & if it continues at this rate, I could honestly see it becoming a Top 10 hit for me in the future. 'Everything I Wanted' might climb, but I don't know how much further it can go, we'll have to see! Thanks for the comment! I'll check out your new chart very soon.
Gameskiller01's picture
Fri, 11/22/2019 - 3:03pm
Hey Piran! This is the first time I've ever even heard of your #1 this week, but I just checked it out and can very easily see why this would go straight in at #1 for you! It's a really good dance-pop track, and will almost certainly be debuting for me next week! It could even reach Top 10, though with 'Romance' releasing on 6th December and 'Heavy Is The Head' 1 week later it might miss out. I like seeing 'Beautiful Ghosts' debut at #6, and I really love that 'Living Proof' gives Camila her 26th Top 10 as well! All 6 'Romance' tracks released so far have reached the Top 10 for you - do you think that'll continue with the 8 currently unreleased tracks? Outside the Top 10, I like seeing 'everything i wanted' debuting at #14, and I really like 'Tongue Tied' debuting at #28 as well! 'Before You Go' and 'Don't Rush' both debuting on the Bubbling Under chart is good to see as well. Great chart again! :D
Fri, 11/22/2019 - 3:49pm
Hey Gameskiller! :) That's awesome you're loving 'Body Back' so much! I'm very pleased to hear that it's highly likely to debut on your next personal chart, possibly even in the upper half of it by the sound of things. One thing's for sure, for me, it'll probably be #1 at least until 'Romance' is released, which means I currently see it being there for no less than two more weeks! I think 'Beautiful Ghosts' might be frontloaded sadly, while 'Living Proof' will fall hard over the next couple of weeks, then rebound massively after December 6th. I honestly don't know about all eight of the 'Romance' tracks going Top 10, but knowing Camila, I'm very sure that at least half of them will get there! 'Everything I Wanted' might climb slightly, but the real gainers next week will be: 'Tongue Tied', 'Before You Go' & 'Don't Rush', as you'll see in my predictions on Sunday. Thanks for the comment as usual!
Sat, 11/23/2019 - 11:40pm
I like to see "Beautiful Ghosts" debut in the Top 10! I don't know your #1, or actually a lot of songs here. Not at all disappointed in seeing "Hot Girl Bummer" taking down a notch though. I haven't heard "Tongue Tied" yet, but the artists tell me I should avoid it like the plague. Cool to see Echosmith is looking to debut in the Top 3 next week though, as well as "Roxanne" rising to the region.
Sun, 11/24/2019 - 12:46pm
Hey Naos! :) Unfortunately, 'Beautiful Ghosts' will be frontloaded, but at least it allowed Taylor to extend her record of the artist with the most Top 10 hits here. I think you'll like my #1, since you seemed to enjoy 'Post Malone' & 'First Time', both of which are very similar to 'Body Back'! As for both Blackbear songs, while it was interesting seeing Marshmello do a rock song, I don't see you being the biggest fan of 'Tongue Tied'! That's honestly a shame, since it'll taking a massive jump next week, potentially into the Top 5. If anything, at least 'Hot Girl Bummer' seems to have peaked! Echosmith might actually stall at #2 for the second time this year with 'Shut Up & Kiss Me', but they should still have two simultaneous Top 5 songs, which is awesome for them. Glad you're liking the huge momentum behind 'Roxanne' too! Thanks for the comment.
akyovbashiev's picture
Mon, 11/25/2019 - 5:07pm
Hey Piran! I haven't heard your #1 of choice, but still pretty cool to see it become your new chart-topper! Of course, given how much you love Taylor Swift, it's not at all surprising to see her debut straight at #6, haha (although I was just a little bit underwhelmed by this one, unfortunately) Further down, I haven't actually heard of most of your debuts this week, sadly, so I will speak of the one I have - 'everything i wanted' by Billie Eilish, which is great, because I actually like that one by her, and so it's nice to see it have a high debut and looking to climb! Of course, also looking at your predictions, I'm pretty excited to see that 'Before You Go' is set to have such a massive debut, but I guess we'll see how things pan out next week! Amazing chart, as always. :)
Sun, 12/01/2019 - 7:23pm
Hey Akyovbashiev! :) Firstly, I'm really sorry that it took me almost an entire week to reply to this, but I've just been extremely busy, haha. If you like a lot of dance-pop (e.g. 'Shed A Light, 'Post Malone', 'First Time'), then you'll love this one too! I'm really happy to hear that you think 'Everything I Wanted' is among the better Billie Eilish songs, since I would actually agree with you there. 'Before You Go' did indeed debut inside the Top 3 in my latest chart, which is up now in full! I'll check out your new chart shortly.