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534Up this week
Kim Petras featuring SOPHIE - "1,2,3 dayz up" single cover artwork
8-8New this week
Kim Petras featuring lil aaron - "Faded" single cover artwork
111Down this week
Kim Petras - Clarity album cover artwork
148Down this week
Kim Petras - "Malibu" single cover artwork
16-16New this week
JVG - "Villi länsi" single cover artwork
196Up this week
S1mba featuring DTG - "Rover" single cover artwork
2011Down this week
Halsey - "Be Kind" single cover artwork
229Down this week
Nicki Minaj - "TROLLZ" single cover artwork
2311Down this week
Lady Gaga - Chromatica album cover artwork
263Up this week
TONY IGY - "Astronomia" single cover artwork
27Same position as last week
The Weeknd - "Blinding Lights" single cover artwork
29-29New this week
Anna Yvette - "Red Line" single cover artwork
326Down this week
Doja Cat - "Say So" single cover artwork
342Up this week
RAYE - "Secrets" single cover artwork
35-35New this week
Boef featuring Ashafar - "Nooit Thuis" single cover artwork
39-39New this week
Kim Petras - "All The Time" single cover artwork
404Up this week
220 KID featuring GRACEY - "Don't Need Love" single cover artwork
429Down this week
PS1 featuring ALEX HOSKING - "Fake Friends" single cover artwork
43-43New this week
Tion Wayne featuring Stormzy - "I Dunno" single cover artwork
4521Down this week
6ix9ine - "GOOBA" single cover artwork
4618Down this week
Maren Morris - "The Bones" single cover artwork
50-50New this week
Victor Leksell - "Svag" single cover artwork
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#1: Kim Petras ft Lil Aaron - Faded (+7) ^   [622] 

#2: Cheat Codes x Kim Petras - Feeling Of Falling (=) --   [615] 

#3: Anna Yvette - Shooting Star (=) --   [602] 

#4: Kim Petras - Heart To Break (-3) v   [583] 

#5: Robin Schulz & Wes - Alane (debut) ^   [571] 

#6: CHVRCHES - Never Say Die (+11) ^   [567] 

#7: Kim Petras ft SOPHIE - 1,2,3 Dayz Up (-2) --   [565] 

#8: Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo - Savage Love [Laxed - Siren Beat] (+1) --   [558]  

#9: Kygo & Kim Petras - Broken Glass (-5) v   [522] 

#10: Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - Rain On Me (-3) v   [510] 



^ Gain in performance (bigger gains denoted by ^)

-- Stationary in performance

v Loss in performance (bigger losses denoted by v





#1: Kygo - Golden Hour (+1)   [New No.1!] 

#2: Kim Petras - Clarity (+2) 

#3: Lady Gaga - Chromatica (-2) 

#4: The 1975 - Notes On A Conditional Form (-1) 

#5: Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia (=) 

#6: Various Artists - Eurovision 2020 - The Album (+1) 

#7: The Weeknd - After Hours (+1) 

#8: Camila Cabello - Romance (re-entry)  

#9: Kim Petras - Turn Off The Light (-3) 

#10: Maren Morris - GIRL (=) 





#1: Taylor Swift - Back To December (2010) 

#2: The Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (1999) 

#3: Rihanna ft Calvin Harris - We Found Love (2011) 

#4: Taylor Swift - Style (2014) 

#5: Gerry & The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone (1963) 

#6: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (1987) 

#7: Coldplay - Viva La Vida (2008) 

#8: Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (2009) 

#9: Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (2014) 

#10: Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams [Are Made Of This] (1983) 






Brandyy's picture
Sat, 06/27/2020 - 5:25am
mmmm Hie Piran this obsession with Kim Petras intersting occupational of 50%of the chart! But I like the obssession though! hhahaha I'm loving the top 10!Lovin the gains for Secrets * & Rover !as well as the new entries from Kygo & reentry. Taylor seems to be in and out in and out. Overally I give 100% ratings your taste of music is phenomenal
Sun, 06/28/2020 - 10:55am
Hey Brandy! :) It is indeed an obsession, although she actually has 11 songs in my chart (22%), rather than 50%. 'Secrets' & 'Rover' should both make small gains next week, while 'Lose Somebody' should take a slightly bigger climb! Yeah, 'Back To December' does seem to be all over the place at the moment, but that tells you how much I love the song, haha. Thanks for the comment!
sergejdordij's picture
Sun, 06/28/2020 - 2:28am
Hey Piran! Nice to see "Feeling Of Falling" reach the top 10 and the top 10 debut for "Dancing In The Moonlight"! Other great highlights are: The gain for "Never Say Die", the debut for "Lose Somebody" and the re-entries for "Back To December" and "Remind Me To Forget"! Great chart!
Sun, 06/28/2020 - 10:58am
Hey Sergej! :) I think 'Feeling Of Falling' & 'Dancing In The Moonlight' have both reached their highest chart position this week, but 'Never Say Die' & 'Lose Somebody' will both be moving up a few places next week. 'Back To December' & 'Remind Me To Forget' could go either way to be honest! Thanks for the comment. Stay safe!
Gameskiller01's picture
Mon, 06/29/2020 - 1:53pm
Hey Piran! It's great to see Kim Petras holding 11 places on your chart this week, including 5 in the Top 10 and the #1! I also really like seeing 'Lose Somebody' finally debut, and it's great that 'Remind Me To Forget' re-enters lower down as well. I love that 'I Dunno' manages to re-enter at a new peak this week! Do you think it'll make it any higher? On the albums chart I really love that 'Golden Hour' finally reaches #1 as well. Great chart again! :D
Mon, 06/29/2020 - 2:00pm
Hey Gameskiller! :) Yeah, she had a really massive takeover on this new chart! I don't see it getting any bigger than this though, but I think she'll certainly be a regular presence near the top of my rankings for the rest of the summer at least. 'Lose Somebody' should climb again next week, but I think 'Remind Me To Forget' might drop out again sadly! I'm not too sure regarding 'I Dunno', but I think it'll hold steady for next week's chart. 'Golden Hour' faced a lot of competition when it first came out, but it finally broke through this week! Thanks for the comment.