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1-1New this week
Taylor Swift - folklore album cover artwork
21Down this week
Joel Corry featuring MNEK - "Head & Heart" single cover artwork
6-6New this week
Taylor Swift - folklore album cover artwork
7-7New this week
Taylor Swift - folklore album cover artwork
8-8New this week
Taylor Swift - folklore album cover artwork
11-11New this week
Taylor Swift - folklore album cover artwork
15-15New this week
Taylor Swift - folklore album cover artwork
1712Down this week
Kim Petras featuring lil aaron - "Faded" single cover artwork
20-20New this week
Taylor Swift - folklore album cover artwork
2316Down this week
Ultrabass featuring Katarina Sjödin - "Sunset love" single cover artwork
2415Down this week
Jubel featuring NEIMY - "Dancing In The Moonlight" single cover artwork
3016Down this week
Dermot Kennedy - "Giants" single cover artwork
31-31New this week
Taylor Swift - folklore album cover artwork
3316Down this week
Wes - "Alane" single cover artwork
34-34New this week
PS1 featuring ALEX HOSKING - "Fake Friends" single cover artwork
3712Down this week
SURF MESA featuring EMILEE - "ily (i love you baby)" single cover artwork
42-42New this week
Aya Nakamura - "Jolie Nana" single cover artwork
435Down this week
Boef featuring Numidia - "Tout Est Bon" single cover artwork
44-44New this week
Katy Perry - Smile album cover artwork
4525Down this week
Kim Petras - "Heart to Break" single cover artwork
4628Down this week
ICEKIID - "ErruDumEllaHvad" single cover artwork
47-47New this week
Bosh - "Djomb" single cover artwork
4925Down this week
Conkarah featuring Shaggy - "Banana" single cover artwork
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What the Top 10 would've looked like without 'Folklore'...

#1: Joel Corry & MNEK - Head & Heart (=) 

#2: Paul Woolford & Diplo ft Kareen Lomax - Looking For Me (=) 

#3: Becky Hill & Sigala - Heaven On My Mind (=) 

#4: Kim Petras ft Lil Aaron - Faded (+1) 

#5: Lost Frequencies & Zonderling ft Kelvin Jones - Love To Go (+23) 

#6: Juice WRLD & Marshmello - Come & Go (=) 

#7: Kygo & Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It (-3) 

#8: Cheat Codes & Kim Petras - Feeling Of Falling (=) 

#9: Ultrabass ft Katarina Sjodin - Sunset Love (-2) 

#10: Jubel ft NEIMY - Dancing In The Moonight (-1) 





#1: Taylor Swift - Love Story (2008) 

#2: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (2008) 

#3: Taylor Swift - Back To December (2010) 

#4: Taylor Swift - 22 (2012) 

#5: Armin Van Buuren ft Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (2013) 

#6: Faithless - Insomnia (1995) 

#7: Taylor Swift - Should've Said No (2006) 

#8: Taylor Swift - White Horse (2008) 

#9: Taylor Swift ft Ed Sheeran - Everything Has Changed (2012) 

#10: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (2010) 






Zack Khan's picture
Thu, 07/30/2020 - 3:30pm
Hey Piran, a very interesting chart this week. Of course, no surprise to see Taylor everywhere! There is no bad song on this album but it's very interesting to see that your songs placed at number 3 and 4 are more lower placed for me. Strange how everyone has their different picks. I agree with "Exile" being number 1, it is the best song on the album but her new single release with a great video had to take the edge this week for me. "This is me trying" (at no.26 for you) is one of my personal faves! Maybe it will grow on you, it's a gem! Also great to see Ella Henderson chart. I love that track. Great chart! Interested to see which Taylor songs have longevity in the coming weeks. Wonder where Billie Eilish will chart for you next week?
Mon, 08/03/2020 - 11:52am
Hey Zack! :) Haha, yeah, of course Taylor was going to dominate! I think at least half of the Top 10 will still be taken up by her next week, with 'Head & Heart' probably getting the #1 back. 'Take Care Of You' will probably climb a few places next week, while 'My Future' should debut, but relatively low down (although I think it will grow on me in the coming weeks!). Thanks for the comment. Have a nice week!
Fri, 07/31/2020 - 9:00am
Hi Piran! Awesome to see 'Exile' at number one, it's my favourite song on the album. Very glad to see Aya Nakamura making yet another experience in your chart too!
Mon, 08/03/2020 - 11:57am
Hey Ben! :) I'm glad we both share the same favourite track from 'Folklore'. 'Jolie Nana' might get a second week in the chart, especially with some of the tracks lower down from Taylor dropping away! Thanks for the comment. I'll take a look at your new chart now!
davyl's picture
Fri, 07/31/2020 - 12:45pm
Hi Piran, no surprise to see this walkover by Taylor :-) "The 1" is my personal favourite, as you can see in my chart. It's also nicely done for "Head & Heart" to remain in the top 3. I wonder if it can come back to number 1?
Mon, 08/03/2020 - 12:40pm
Hey Davyl! :) 'Head & Heart' will probably reclaim the #1 position next week, while Taylor should still have at least five of the tracks from 'Folklore' inside the upcoming Top 10. Thanks for the comment!
musiclover2020's picture
Sat, 08/01/2020 - 7:47am
Soooo many Taylor Swift! sad to say I haven't heard the album, just haven't had the time. And I suspect they will still be there next week :D Nice to see 'Head & Heart' do a Chainsmokers and stick around in the top 10 despite the forces of change telling it otherwise! Nice to see my former no 1 'Take Care Of You' enter at no 40! And also awesome to see 'Fake Friends' re-enter!
Mon, 08/03/2020 - 12:55pm
Hey MusicLover! :) Haha, yeah, most of the tracks from 'Folklore' will still be here next week, with at least five of them remaining in the Top 10, haha. 'Head & Heart' might actually reclaim the #1 position in the upcoming chart, while 'Take Care Of You' will probably climb & 'Fake Friends' will hold steady! Thanks for the comment.
musiclover2020's picture
Tue, 08/04/2020 - 9:22am
I have a weird feeling 'Head & Heart' will reclaim my no 1. I was listening to it the other night via my mp3 player (got it yeeeears ago but since I was a kid didn't have a laptop/PC and had no idea how to add songs to it). I added Head & Heart, ily, Flowers, death bed, Sunday Best & Breaking Me to it and now I have B1llionz, Take Care Of You, Burn The Hoods, Lighter, Say My Name, GOODMORNINGTOKYO!, Don't Need Love, Faucet Failure, Lighter, We Paid, Know Your Worth, Stuntin' On You, Rain, Blueberry Faygo, Surrender, Juliet & Romeo, Think About Things, 2AM, Who's That What's That, WHATS POPPIN, WHATS POPPIN (Remix w/ DaLilTory), Celebration Station, Looking For Me, Circles [Deno x OFB], Fake Friends, Pour The Milk, Boss B***h, Stunnin', Like That, Learn To Fly, Wishing Well, Pump It Up, Heaven On My Mind, Roses (Imanbek Remix), What You Know Bout Love, ROCKSTAR, Supalonely, Free 22, Life Is Good, If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know), The Box, Party Girl, Ballin', Like That, LMK & Dancing In The Moonlight... that's a lot lol) anyway, I was listening to it and I was really upset that night and it made me smile (this happens with some songs, usually EDM) more than Lighter did :/ also inspired by Coolocelot I'm going to do a top 50-100 favourite singles chart!
Brandyy's picture
Fri, 07/31/2020 - 5:36pm
Hie Piran impressed to see Taylor Swift dominant in the top 10! Exile is great song topping on top sadly it missed my chart it's a great song though. I see Heaven on my mind and lots drop because of the obvious bomb haha happy to see Take care of you impacting happy to see Also Taylor Swift throwbacks intersting there !! How long do you think will Taylor Swift will dominate the chart
Mon, 08/03/2020 - 1:00pm
Hey Brandy! :) Glad you're loving the takeover from Taylor this week! Let's hope 'Exile' grows on you a bit so that it can make your chart too, haha. 'Take Care Of You' should climb next week, while 'Head & Heart' might actually reclaim the #1 spot next week (but Taylor should hold at least half the Top 10!). Thanks for the comment. Have a nice week!
sergejdordij's picture
Sat, 08/01/2020 - 5:45pm
Hi Piran! Nice to see Taylor dominate your chart this week! I also like the big gains for "Love To Go" and "Hallucinate"! Great chart!
Mon, 08/03/2020 - 1:04pm
Hey Sergej! :) The Taylor domination will be continuing on the albums chart for a while yet, even if 'Head & Heart' should be going back to #1 on the singles chart later this week. 'Love To Go' & 'Hallucinate' should both be climbing next week too! Thanks for the comment.
Mon, 08/03/2020 - 2:56pm
Happy to see Taylor's album bomb, and it's neat to see Katy Perry debut! Interesting how you did the "Top 10 without folklore" rather than predictions.
Thu, 08/06/2020 - 11:18am
Hey Naos! :) Haha, well you're going to be seeing a lot of Taylor Swift here for a long time! Glad you like the huge impact that 'Folklore' made this week though & I can't wait to see how well the album's done over on your own chart. 'Smile' will drop back out again next week unfortunately! Yeah, I did that because I think it's going to be mainly her songs in the Top 10, along with 'Head & Heart' & maybe one or two other EDM songs. Thanks for the comment!