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1-1New this week
Olivia Rodrigo - "deja vu" single cover artwork
51Down this week
David Guetta - "BED" single cover artwork
74Down this week
Pale Waves - "Easy" single cover artwork
125Down this week
KSI featuring Polo G - "Patience" single cover artwork
142Down this week
Boney M. - "Rasputin" single cover artwork
165Up this week
Jonas Blue featuring Awa - "Something Stupid" single cover artwork
179Down this week
Owl City - "House Wren" single cover artwork
196Down this week
The 1975 - "Spinning" single cover artwork
21-21New this week
Lilly Ahlberg - "Young Forever" single cover artwork
239Down this week
Alex Parker featuring Bastien - "Satisfied" single cover artwork
255Down this week
Griff - "Black Hole" single cover artwork
269Down this week
SG Lewis featuring Nile Rodgers - "One More" single cover artwork
308Down this week
SG Lewis featuring Channel Tres - "Impact" single cover artwork
3217Down this week
A7S - "Your Love (9PM)" single cover artwork
355Down this week
Alex Schulz - "Pictures " single cover artwork
395Up this week
Tom Zanetti - "Didn't Know" single cover artwork
4113Down this week
Pale Waves - Who Am I? album cover artwork
43-43New this week
ILLENIUM featuring iann dior - "First Time" single cover artwork
457Down this week
Doja Cat - Hot Pink album cover artwork
46-46New this week
Camden Cox - "Under The Water" single cover artwork
481Up this week
Cardi B - "Up" single cover artwork
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#1: Taylor Swift - Mr Perfectly Fine [Taylor's Version] [From The Vault] (debut)   [New No.1!] 

#2: Lil Nas X - Montero [Call Me By Your Name] (+2) 

#3: Miles Away ft Claire Ridgely - Bring Me Back (-1) 

#4: Taylor Swift ft Maren Morris - You All Over Me [Taylor's Version] [From The Vault] (+5) 

#5: Taylor Swift - We Were Happy [Taylor's Version] [From The Vault] (debut) 

#6: Taylor Swift ft Keith Urban - That's When [Taylor's Version] [From The Vault] (debut) 

#7: Bad Boy Chiller Crew - Don't You Worry About Me (+4) 

#8: Taylor Swift - Don't You [Taylor's Version] [From The Vault] (debut) 

#9: Joel Corry, RAYE & David Guetta - Bed (-4) 

#10: PS1 ft Alex Hosking - Life Goes On (debut) 





#1: Pale Waves - Who Am I? (=)   [5th consecutive week at #1] 

#2: Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil... The Act Of Starting Over (debut) 

#3: Justin Bieber - Justice (-1) 

#4: Tom Grennan - Evering Road (-1) 

#5: SG Lewis - Times (-1) 





#1: Ariana Grande - Into You (2016) 

#2: Katy Perry ft Kanye West - E.T. (2010) 

#3: Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (2014) 

#4: Matt Cardle - When We Collide (2010) 

#5: Taylor Swift - Love Story (2008) 

#6: Maggie Lindemann - Pretty Girl [Cheat Codes x CADE Remix] (2016) 

#7: Bridgit Mendler - Ready Or Not (2012) 

#8: Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta (2015) 

#9: TIEKS ft Dan Harkna - Sunshine (2015) 

#10: Sigala - Easy Love (2015) 






coolocelot101's picture
Thu, 04/08/2021 - 3:24pm
hi piran! i love to see deja vu atop your chart, and i really can't wait for olivia rodrigo's new album. i also love to see montero take that huge leap to number 4, as well as other climbs for something stupid, peaches and the frog song. as for your throwbacks, i love 1, 3, 5, 6, and 8-10. awesome chart mate! ;)
Thu, 04/08/2021 - 5:27pm
Hey Coolocelot! :) I think this will be the only week that 'Deja Vu' spends at #1 unfortunately, but I'm still incredibly excited for Olivia Rodrigo's debut album to be released next month. 'Montero [Call Me By Your Name]' would be contending for the top spot next week, but there's obviously going to be massive album bomb for Taylor in the next chart! That being said, after that's done, I could definitely see 'Something Stupid', 'Peaches' & 'Mum, I Think I'm A Frog' making rebounds. It's also awesome to see that you love so many throwbacks here too! Thanks for the comment. :)
sergejdordij's picture
Thu, 04/08/2021 - 3:59pm
Hi Piran! Not surprised at your #1, I predicted it days ago. I also like seeing big gains for "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" and "Hold On" into the top 10 and the debut for "Fireworks"! Great chart!
Thu, 04/08/2021 - 5:34pm
Hey Sergej! :) You definitely predicted the #1 correctly, but I think this is the only week at it'll spend at the top, because of the massive album bomb from Taylor Swift that is expected for next week. 'Montero [Call Me By Your Name]' could be the highest charting song that isn't from Taylor in the upcoming chart though, but 'Hold On' might've peaked now & 'Fireworks' is honestly a very tough one to predict, as it could honestly go either way! Thanks for the comment. Have a nice weekend!
ItsElectrix's picture
Thu, 04/08/2021 - 8:30pm
Hi Piran! First off, I'm in love with your #1 (it may or may not become my new Number 1 as well!). I also liked that both "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)" and "Hold On" have reached new peaks in the Top 10 and "Fireworks" made its first appearance on your chart. Some details I didn't notice before - it's really nice seeing that both "Look at the Sky" and "Impact" had great chart runs and even one of them reached your Top 3! Great chart again :D
Sat, 04/10/2021 - 8:42pm
Hey Ben! :) It would've been amazing to see 'Deja Vu' enter at #1 on your charts too, but I'm still really happy that it debuted in the runner-up position. That being said, with a massive album bomb for 'Fearless [Taylor's Version[' coming up, this will almost certainly be the only week that it spends at the top of my charts! 'Montero [Call Me By Your Name]' & 'Fireworks' could both be aiming for new peaks next week, but I don't see 'Hold On' getting any higher sadly. Yeah, I'm really happy that you introduced me to SG Lewis, since I probably wouldn't have come across 'Impact' at all! 'Look At The Sky' became big on my charts because it did decently on Billboard's dance charts. Thanks for the comment!
Fri, 04/09/2021 - 4:32pm
Hie Piran impressed hot debut that's a banger indie pop very smoky and silky .loving the gain of Wellerman. Huh! what a jump 42 up into top 10 great production there by Lil Nas X . I didn't expect Justin Bieber into top 10 what happened lol... Like the small gain for Peaches .like the lowly debut of Beautiful mistake. Great chart this week.
Sat, 04/10/2021 - 8:53pm
Hey Brandy! :) 'Deja Vu' will almost certainly be falling from #1 next week because of a massive album bomb coming up from Taylor Swift & while 'Wellerman' might've peaked now, I definitely wouldn't say the same about 'Montero [Call Me By Your Name]' just yet. I've always liked 'Hold On', but hearing it on the radio a lot caused it to grow on me even more! 'Peaches' & 'Beautiful Mistakes' could fall in the next chart sadly, possibly causing the latter to drop out completely. Thanks for the comment!
RectorRocks's picture
Sun, 04/11/2021 - 3:27pm
Hey Piran! I absolutely love your #1 though I don't see it staying there for long because of Taylor's album :P I also love the climb for 'Wellerman' and the huge jumps for 'MONTERO' and 'Hold On.' I'm a little disappointed that 'Peaches' is not doing the same though but it's still climbing so it's not that bad I guess haha! It's also cool to see Demi at #2 in your album chart! Great chart again and have a great week ahead! :D
Mon, 04/12/2021 - 12:37pm
Hey Rector! :) Yeah, this will definitely be 'Deja Vu's only week at #1, since Taylor's inevitable album bomb next week means that it's not even in the Top 10 of my updated predictions. 'Wellerman' & 'Hold On' have probably both peaked now, but I could definitely see 'Montero [Call Me By Your Name]' & possibly 'Peaches' hitting new peaks after the 'Fearless [Taylor's Version]' fades a little bit! Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a nice week too!
Gameskiller01's picture
Wed, 04/14/2021 - 5:10pm
Hey Piran! I'm not at all surprised to see 'deja vu' at #1 here this week haha, and while I might not be the biggest fan of it, I do love the climbs for 'Wellerman (220 KID & Billen Ted Remix)' and especially the huge climb for 'MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)' to new peaks in the Top 10! It's also amazing to see 'Hold On' climbing into the Top 10, and I love the climb for 'Something Stupid' outside the Top 10 as well. Over on the predictions it's no surprise to see Taylor set to dominate, though it seems like she'll actually do even better in your new chart than predicted! I also love the debut at #2 for 'Dancing With The Devil...The Art Of Starting Over' over on the albums chart. Great chart again! :D
Wed, 04/14/2021 - 5:28pm
Hey Gameskiller! :) I'm really glad that you like those debuts & climbers, but as you correctly predicted, all of them except 'Montero [Call Me By Your Name]' are all going to be falling hard in the next chart, all because of Taylor, haha. Even this week's #1 is going to be dropping out of the Top 10 entirely, but I won't spoil too much for you! Demi Lovato might even retain the runner-up position on the albums chart despite having no songs here. Thanks for the comment!