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2nd Week at The Top for Asking Alexandria! (#134)

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53Up this week
Dotan - "Numb" single cover artwork
83Down this week
I Prevail - "Hurricane" single cover artwork
19Same position as last week
Flight Paths - "Washed Away" single cover artwork
206Down this week
Avicii - "Heaven" single cover artwork
227Up this week
Wage War - "Who I Am" single cover artwork
3515Down this week
Flight Paths - "Erasing The Gray" single cover artwork
369Down this week
Beartooth - "Afterall" single cover artwork
3810Down this week
Avicii - TIM album cover artwork
399Down this week
Bastille - "Doom Days" single cover artwork
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Heart Upon My Sleeve, Avicii & Imagine Dragons

Joy, Bastille

Morph, Twenty One Pilots

Low, I Prevail


Thu, 07/18/2019 - 4:54pm
Nice to see Mike Shinoda, twenty one pilots and Post Malone in the top 10! I had started to worry about Post because I didn't like Wow but Goodbyes won me over again haha. Would've liked Promise Me to stay in the top 10 a bit longer lol. I didn't know about the music video for The Hype! Probably my second favorite song from the album after Levitate maybe. I'm hyped I guess haha
-RuisCharts's picture
Fri, 07/19/2019 - 12:31pm
Yeah, Wow was one of my least faves from him in a while even though it spent a short amount of time in the charts. But Goodbyes is really good. Promise Me just loves the 12th spot really much. 5th week in total there I believe