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3 Album bombs! Most chaotic chart ever -Ruisdierr Chart #98

November 11, 2018 | 100 songs




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1Same position as last week
Architects - "Hereafter" single cover artwork
2Same position as last week
Badflower - "Ghost" single cover artwork
20-20New this week
Imagine Dragons - "Birds" single cover artwork
23-23New this week
Imagine Dragons - Origins album cover artwork
2819Down this week
Call It Off - "Young" single cover artwork
32-32New this week
Imagine Dragons - "Stuck" single cover artwork
35-35New this week
Imagine Dragons - "Love" single cover artwork
4333Down this week
Twenty One Pilots - "Morph" single cover artwork
5930Down this week
Causes - "Run To Me" single cover artwork
6038Down this week
The Overslept - "Stolen Car" single cover artwork
76-76New this week
Ava Max - "Sweet but Psycho" single cover artwork
81-81New this week
Kygo featuring Sandro Cavazza - "Happy Now" single cover artwork
8419Down this week
Mélovin - "That's Your Role" single cover artwork
8649Down this week
Eminem - "Venom" single cover artwork
8915Down this week
Dennis Lloyd - "Nevermind" single cover artwork
9024Down this week
Eli - "Change Your Mind" single cover artwork
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Album charts: (I had there before but didn't post it on the website)

1. Imagine Dragons - Origins (new)

2. Muse - Simulation Theory (new)

3. Twenty One Pilots - Trench (-2)

4. Fight The Fury - Still Breathing (EP) (-2)

5. Flight Paths - The Secret (EP) (-2)

6. The Revivalists - Take Good Care (new)

7. The Faim - Summer Is A Curse (EP) (-3)

8. Nico Santos - Streets Of Gold (-3)

9. Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked (-2)

10. Imagine Dragons - Evolve (-4)


Artist Chart:

1. Imagine Dragons (+3)

2. Twenty One Pilots (-1)

3. Muse (new)

4. Fight The Fury (-2)

5. Flight Paths (-2)

6. Panic! At The Disco (-1)

7. Badflower (=)

8. The Faim (-2)

9. Eminem (-1)

10. The 1975 (-1)


Sat, 11/10/2018 - 5:06pm
Nice to see you liked Digital, it's been pretty divisive amongst the fanbase with some absolutely loving it and the other half hating it. I myself love it, I loved it immediately at first listen
-RuisCharts's picture
Sun, 11/11/2018 - 7:10am
Yeah, I liked Digital very much. But it will drop next week along with all the other songs of the album except maybe Bad Liar and/or Machine. Which means much other songs will rise up again