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Architects takes the #1 spot!

It took almost a full year since the song release, but 'Damnation' manages to make it's way up to the top spot! Ice Nine Kills drops a spot to #2 now tho. Slipknot's 'Nero Forte' takes an unexpected jump up to #3. Can they get a second #1 hit from their newest album 'WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND'? We'll see!

Shinedown's single 'ATTENTION ATTENTION' slowly starts to fade away again as they fall from #3 to #4. It likely won't hit #1 anymore. Now we have our highest new entry at #5. A real OG from the charts. He is in the earliest chart on this account from 2001. Back then he still was with Linkin Park. Their hit 'In The End' is still the largest hit to this date. Mike Shinoda released his brand new single 'fine' and debuts at #5. Btw I took a bit of a break from the old charts after I uploaded the 2004 charts, but the 2005 charts are online now. Still gotta do 2006-2016 tho...*cryingontheinside*

Anyways. #6. Sum 41 rockets into the Top 10 with 'Turning Away'. They're also pretty OG in the charts, same with Slipknot and Architects. They're at #7 and #8 with 'Unsainted' and 'Hereafter'. The Script drops 4 spots to #9 with 'The Last Time'. Maybe they'll rise again tho, cause their album releases next week. Mike Shinoda actually has 2 new Top 10 hits on his name now, as 'World's On Fire' rises from #12 to #10.

I'm not doing all the calculating with the amounts of streams cause that takes up way too much of my time. I like the idea of 'Hit Of The Week' so I'm keeping that. Tho it won't have any impact on it's chart succes then, but I'll find a way to make it count ;) Don't worry, e-very-thing is gonna be fine, fine, fine, fine, fine

That's the new hit of the week. 'fine'. Mike Shinoda ;D

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113Down this week
I Prevail - "Gasoline" single cover artwork
20Same position as last week
NF - The Search album cover artwork
21-21New this week
Nico Santos - "Play With Fire" single cover artwork
228Down this week
Dotan - "Numb" single cover artwork
281Up this week
NF - "Time" single cover artwork
39Same position as last week
After The Burial - "Behold The Crown" single cover artwork
4214Down this week
I Prevail - "Hurricane" single cover artwork
4926Up this week
Flight Paths - "Rapture Day" single cover artwork
521Up this week
Act Zero - "All I Am" single cover artwork
5621Down this week
The Score - "Stay" single cover artwork
5815Down this week
Tim Dawn - "Bite The Bullet" single cover artwork
63Same position as last week
6518Down this week
Architects - "Doomsday" single cover artwork
7014Down this week
Linkin Park - "Numb" single cover artwork
7214Down this week
The Faim - "Humans" single cover artwork
7313Down this week
A Day to Remember - "Degenerates" single cover artwork
775Up this week
Slaves - "Heavier" single cover artwork
786Down this week
Declan J Donovan - "Pieces" single cover artwork
8110Down this week
I Prevail - "Bow Down" single cover artwork
8815Down this week
Architects - "Holy Hell" single cover artwork
896Up this week
Declan J Donovan - "Homesick" single cover artwork
938Down this week
 - "Uprising" single cover artwork
948Down this week
Dotan - "Letting Go" single cover artwork
96-96New this week
Coldplay - "Orphans" single cover artwork
975Down this week
Wage War - "Prison" single cover artwork
9810Down this week
Wage War - "Low" single cover artwork
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Sun, 11/03/2019 - 10:58am
Nice to see Mike Shinoda's song debuting high! I really liked it. Also nice to see Orphans, I'm not the biggest Coldplay fan but I'm liking this album's releases so far.
-RuisCharts's picture
Sun, 11/03/2019 - 11:49am
Orphans was a bit of a grower for me, but I think it has hit potential. Haven't really checked out the other song yet. I'm happy Mike’s still going. Maybe Linkin Park can reunite some day with just him as a singer. I mean, on Post Traumatic he definitely proved he can sing choruses too.