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Dotan scores first #1! The Score EP Bomb! (#137)

Well guys, it's my first chart after my 3 week vacation. I didn't have my laptop so I had to use my phone to make the last 2 charts. That was a pain, but this is way easier xD

Onto the chart, Dotan scored his first hit a few months ago, now it goes up to the #1 spot. 'Numb' dethrones 'The Hype'.

Closely behind, Post Malone & Young Thug sneak up on him with 'Goodbyes'. A first #1 for Post Malone isn't out of reach. The Score has an EP Bomb, because of that, 'Stay' takes back 1 spot at #3. 'The Hype' and 'Chlorine' by Twenty One Pilots fall to #4 and #5.

Slipknot dropped their album 'WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND', this week they rise 18 spots to #6 with 'Unsainted'. Wage War climbs 1 spot with 'Me Againts Myself' at #7, Asking Alexandria falls to #8 with 'The Violence' and 9 stays 9 for NF's 'Time'.

To finish the top 10, The Score debuts with 'Rush', one of the tracks from their EP.


10. Rush, The Score

11. Weathered & Broken, Flight Paths

12. In My Bones, The Score

27. Pieces, Declan J Donovan

29. Birth Of The Cruel, Slipknot

31. Hunger, The Score

35. Run Like A Rebel, The Score

38. Can't Stop Me Now, The Score

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11Up this week
Dotan - "Numb" single cover artwork
23Up this week
Post Malone featuring Young Thug - "Goodbyes" single cover artwork
31Up this week
The Score - "Stay" single cover artwork
9Same position as last week
NF - "Time" single cover artwork
10-10New this week
The Score - "Rush" single cover artwork
186Down this week
I Prevail - "Hurricane" single cover artwork
245Down this week
Wage War - "Who I Am" single cover artwork
255Down this week
NF - The Search album cover artwork
27-27New this week
Declan J Donovan - "Pieces" single cover artwork
287Down this week
Flight Paths - "Washed Away" single cover artwork
31-31New this week
The Score - "Hunger" single cover artwork
361Down this week
NF - "When I Grow Up" single cover artwork
40Same position as last week
Wage War - "Prison" single cover artwork
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-Rescue Me, Marshmello

-Cut My Lip, Twenty One Pilots

-Legendary, Skillet

-45 (A Matter Of Time), Sum 41

-Hereafter, Architects

-You Ain't Ready, Skillet

-Prove You Wrong, Mike Shinoda

-Turning Away, Sum 41


Sat, 08/10/2019 - 10:39am
Nice to see Goodbyes that high! Have you listened to Circles? It comes out next week but there's a live performance of it and I liked it a lot, Post Malone is killing it (except for Wow, lol)
-RuisCharts's picture
Sat, 08/10/2019 - 12:32pm
Lol, yeah, I'll probably wait till the actual release. Looking forward to it tho!
Sun, 08/11/2019 - 4:11am
Nice to see both of us having the same #2! "Goodbyes" is a great song, one of Post Malone's best in my opinion.