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Architects New at #1; Giant Album Bomb! -Ruisdierr Chart #101

December 2, 2018 | 100 songs


Architects take the #1 spot and carries a whole album bomb with it

It's a chaotic week, there's also a debut at #1. ''Hereafter'' by Architects manages to get the first #1 debut since October 7th where ''Neon Gravestones'' debuted at #1. Bad news for Fight The Fury though, this week they stick to the 2nd spot, ''Ghost'' falls down from 1 to 3, which means that if this album bomb never happened, they got their 1st #1 hit. 2 Great gainers now, last week ''Right Now'' by Nick Jonas and Robin Schulz took the hot shot debut, this week it moves up 6 spots to #4. One of the new hits from The Score is getting stronger and stronger. That's right, ''Stronger'' moves up 8 spots to #5 in it's 2nd week. 1 spot lower, Fight The Fury's other hit ''Still Burning'' is, just like ''My Demons'', not moving either. More Architects, ''A Wasted Hymn'' and ''Holy Hell'' debut at #7 and #9 respectivaly, squashing ''You Know Me Too Well'' by Nothing But Thieves at #8. Twenty One Pilots' ''Jumpsuit'' drops to #10. Outside of the top 10, Architects also have 8 more debuts. Royal Beggars, Death Is Not Defeat, The  Seventh Circle, Dying To Heal, Modern Misery, Doomsday, Damnnation and Mortal After All all debut withing the top 40. They have a total of 11 hits and 11 current hits. This week is the first time Flight Paths debut with a cover of a song. In this case: Sunflower. It's their 6th hit. Hailee Steinfeld debuts at #32 with her 3rd hit ''Back To Life''. Also Wulf isn't doing bad either. ''Front Row Ticket'' debuts at #38 bringing him to a total of 6 hits. Outside the top 40, Los Unidades, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Jonas Blue and AJR debut.

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2Same position as last week
Fight The Fury - Still Breathing album cover artwork
6Same position as last week
Fight The Fury - "Still Burning" single cover artwork
11Same position as last week
Badflower - "x ANA x" single cover artwork
18Same position as last week
Muse - "Get Up And Fight" single cover artwork
226Down this week
The Score - "The Fear" single cover artwork
30-30New this week
Flight Paths - "Sunflower" single cover artwork
31-31New this week
Architects - "Doomsday" single cover artwork
32-32New this week
Hailee Steinfeld - "Back to Life" single cover artwork
34-34New this week
Architects - "Damnation" single cover artwork
38-38New this week
Wulf - "Front Row Ticket" single cover artwork
3915Down this week
Call It Off - "Young" single cover artwork
41-41New this week
Pharrell Williams featuring Jozzy - "E-Lo" single cover artwork
45-45New this week
Breaking Benjamin - "Blood" single cover artwork
6327Down this week
Imagine Dragons - "Zero" single cover artwork
6926Down this week
Robin Schulz featuring Erika Sirola - "Speechless" single cover artwork
7115Down this week
The Overslept - "Stolen Car" single cover artwork
8128Down this week
twenty one pilots - "Morph" single cover artwork
825Up this week
Eli - "Change Your Mind" single cover artwork
8614Down this week
Mélovin - "That's Your Role" single cover artwork
9223Down this week
Eminem - "Venom" single cover artwork
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