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Into The Fire 8th Week At #1! Whitechapel album bomb & Tons of gains and re-gains high up in the charts! -Ruisdier Chart #120

The boys of Asking Alexandria remain #1 for an 8th week, nearing the 2nd place of the longest running #1's chart, currently occupied by Twenty One Pilots' 'Jumpsuit'. The Score and blackbear remain at #2 with 'Dreamin', after re-entering there last week. I Prevail made a huge gain last week with their song 'Bow Down' and basically the whole album, this week all the songs drop, except one. It's 'Bow Down', it rises up from #4 to #3.

With the top 3 out of the way, we see 'Arcade' by Duncan Laurence rising up a spot to #4, followed up by 'Cross Off' by Mark Morton and Chester Bennington rising up 3 spots to #5.

There's an album bomb this week, it's 'The Valley' by Whitechapel. It's not very huge but the highest charting song of it did manage to make it to the 6th spot in the list. 'Hickory Creek' jumps up 35 spots to that place, knocking down Architects' 'Doomsday' to the 7th spot.

The new song by Rammstein called 'Deutschland' debuts at #8. And already in it's 1st week, it breaks a record: It's the highest charting German song EVER. Not the highest charting German artist though, that record is held by Nico Santos, who reached the 3rd spot with the single 'Safe', back in August 2018. Speaking of that guy, he's currently at #9 with his newest song titled 'Unforgettable', it dropped a few weeks, but with the grand comeback it reaches a new peak. Ice Nine Kills falls to #10 with 'A Grave Mistake'

As last week's album bomb by I Prevail fades away, songs are re-gaining. For example, 'Ghost' by Badflower (#11), 'MONSTERS' by Shinedown (#12), 'Change Your Mind' by ELI (#13), other songs either rise more than last week or fall less hard. They may not even move position, or just crash more than 20, 30, 40, 50 or even more spots down, since there are a total of 25 entries this week (including re-entries).

For Linkin Park, that isn't the case. All their songs that are charting are either MASSIVE gains or re-entries.

For new entries, we find Rammstein, Mark Morton, From Ashes To New, Escape The Fate and many more. Also, 'Congratulations' by PewDiePie and the 2 other dudes (forgot their name and 2 lazy 2 do research) enters the chart and Pewds is back in the lead! :D

One final thing, I don't want you guys to get the wrong idea about my charts. Take 'Promise Me' by Badflower. I love so much songs that it just doesn't fit higher. If you look at it you may thing: ''Hmm.. He likes that song but not very much because then it would've been higher'', while in reality I really love the song! I just listen to way too much music xD

I'm gonna give you a cookie if you actually red this whole thing.

Side Notes:

-'Into The Fire' by Asking Alexandria is now part of the 10 biggest hits all-time

-'Ghost' by Badflower reaches the half year mark

-'Jumpsuit' by Twenty One Pilots reaches the 40 week mark

-'Arcade' by Duncan Laurence is now the highest charting Eurovision Song Contest song ever

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2Same position as last week
The Score featuring blackbear - "Dreamin" single cover artwork
131Up this week
Eli - "Change Your Mind" single cover artwork
15Same position as last week
Asking Alexandria - "Vultures" single cover artwork
1613Down this week
I Prevail - "Hurricane" single cover artwork
1855Up this week
Linkin Park - "Numb" single cover artwork
2011Down this week
I Prevail - "Gasoline" single cover artwork
21Same position as last week
Twenty One Pilots - "Chlorine" single cover artwork
23Same position as last week
Asking Alexandria - "Here I Am" single cover artwork
292Up this week
The Faim - "Amelie" single cover artwork
3511Down this week
DRAG ME OUT - "I'm Sorry" single cover artwork
3711Down this week
I Prevail - "Paranoid" single cover artwork
3811Up this week
Eli - "Gone Girl" single cover artwork
419Down this week
THYS - "Let It All Go" single cover artwork
46-46New this week
Flight Paths - "Robbery" single cover artwork
64-64New this week
Linkin Park featuring Kiiara - "Heavy" single cover artwork
6958Down this week
I Prevail - "Low" single cover artwork
7437Down this week
I Prevail - "Breaking Down" single cover artwork
7820Down this week
Galantis featuring OneRepublic - "Bones" single cover artwork
8131Down this week
Danny Worsnop - "Angels" single cover artwork
881Up this week
PewDiePie - "Bitch Lasagna" single cover artwork
9721Down this week
Flight Paths - "Downpour" single cover artwork
994Down this week
Welshly Arms - "Learn To Let Go" single cover artwork
100-100New this week
twenty one pilots - "Morph" single cover artwork
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Tue, 04/09/2019 - 4:27pm
Into The Fire's run at #1 is really impresive, also nice to see Cross Off reaching yet a new peak! Also Congratulations I think it's actually a pretty good song. Castle of Glass is also pretty good, probably the best from Living Things (along with Lost In The Echo) which is in fact my favorite Linkin Park album! I'd like to have time to listen to more music and have an at least 100 entries chart but I just can't :s
-RuisCharts's picture
Wed, 04/10/2019 - 1:41am
Cross Off is likely to go Top 3 next week, and probably not next week, but there's a chance it will go #1. Somehow I'm just not getting sick of Into The Fire. Linkin Park is just a hype now I don't think it will stay super long but maybe it will be here for a while.
-RuisCharts's picture
Wed, 04/10/2019 - 6:36am
Oh btw if you want 100 entries you can ask me for suggestions if you'd like to. Just tell me your favorite genres and I'll have something for you. Especially if you like rock music, you could definitely take some inspiration from here, but that's up to you.
Tue, 04/09/2019 - 6:50pm
1. You talked about cookies? 2. Why are so many old songs currently charting? Are your charts maybe a spotify/apple statistic?
-RuisCharts's picture
Wed, 04/10/2019 - 1:37am
1. What do you mean? 2. Well, there's not really a rule with that. This is just my own chart, why they are there depends on when I like them so much. I currently have a huge hype for Linkin Park (idk too it just came out of nowhere) and for Asking Alexandria, but those are fading of the charts, especially the old songs.