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Ruisdierr Chart 2018 Week 39

September 30, 2018 | 40 songs


*Levitate re-claims the top

*Breaking Benjamin's ''Torn In Two'' debuts in the top 3

*Call It Off's ''Young'' debuts in top 5

*''Infra-Red'', ''Killshot'' and ''Rooftop'' enter the top 10

*Eminem's ''Killshot'', ''Fall'' and ''Lucky You'' all rise again after a week of dropping

*Flight Paths' ''Give And Take'' enters the chart at #21 making it their 3rd hit

*Zedd made a remix of ''Lost In Japan'' by Shawn Mendes, it enters the chart at #35. It's his 2nd hit after, ''Get Low''. It's Shawn's 9th including the original version of ''Lost In Japan''

*Khalid's ''Better'' enters the chart at #37. It's his 5th hit

Fast gainers and losers:

22. MELOVIN - That's Your Role (-11) [BIGGEST FALL]

27. Fais - Make Me Do (+11) [BIGGEST GAINER]

40. CHVRCHES - Miracle (-10)

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5-5New this week
Call It Off - "Young" single cover artwork
99Up this week
Eminem - "Killshot" single cover artwork
134Down this week
Imagine Dragons - "Zero" single cover artwork
145Up this week
Eminem - Kamikaze album cover artwork
2211Down this week
Mélovin - "That's Your Role" single cover artwork
2711Up this week
Fais - "Make Me Do" single cover artwork
307Down this week
Eli - "Change Your Mind" single cover artwork
316Down this week
Wulf - "Watch Me Go" single cover artwork
37-37New this week
Khalid - "Better" single cover artwork
4010Down this week
CHVRCHES - "Miracle" single cover artwork
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Ariana Grande - Breathin (After: 3 Weeks, Peak: 35)

Hugel, El Professor - Bella Ciao [HUGEL REMIX] (After: 2 Weeks, Peak: 33)

Frenna, Lil' Kleine - Verleden Tijd (After: 2 Weeks, Peak: 27)

Eminem - The Ringer (After: 3 Weeks, Peak: 23)

Fall Out Boy - City In A Garden (After: 5 Weeks, Peak: 13)