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Shooter's Fresh 55: June 29, 2020

June 29, 2020 | 55 songs

Hot Shot Debut

#50 Discounts (cupcakKe)

Greatest Gainer

#43 BLACK PARADE (Beyoncé; up 8)


B.I.T.C.H. (Megan Thee Stallion; 16 weeks; #9 peak)

The Hamptons (Walker County; 24 weeks; #20 peak)

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3Same position as last week
Brittany Howard - "He Loves Me" single cover artwork
72Down this week
JoJo - "Man" single cover artwork
94Up this week
John Legend - "Actions" single cover artwork
102Up this week
Toni Braxton - "Do It" single cover artwork
133Up this week
Ledisi - "Anything For You" single cover artwork
191Down this week
Kiana Ledé - "Mad at Me." single cover artwork
216Down this week
The Pussycat Dolls - "React" single cover artwork
265Down this week
Doja Cat - "Say So" single cover artwork
273Down this week
Yuna - Rouge album cover artwork
283Down this week
Kelly Rowland - "Coffee" single cover artwork
314Up this week
CYN - "Drinks" single cover artwork
322Up this week
Katy Perry - "Daisies" single cover artwork
333Up this week
Grandson - "Zen" single cover artwork
378Down this week
Kaytranada - BUBBA album cover artwork
425Up this week
Saweetie - "Tap In" single cover artwork
458Up this week
Beyoncé - "BLACK PARADE" single cover artwork
48Same position as last week
Chloe x Halle - "Forgive Me" single cover artwork
50-50New this week
CupcakKe - "Discounts" single cover artwork
521Down this week
Maren Morris - "The Bones" single cover artwork
542Down this week
Lady Gaga - Chromatica album cover artwork
55-55New this week
Charlie Puth - "Girlfriend" single cover artwork
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Brandyy's picture
Tue, 06/30/2020 - 2:20am
I like seeing a country song leading this week I'm happy to see the entrance of Girlfriend by Charlie Puth The huge gains for Black Parade & Do It by Chloe Expecting the sisters to climb top 10 next week because they ve gaining impressively I m sad Coffee isn't going anywhere further ! Shooter your chart is impressive I feel we speaking the same language your type of music is super QUALITY! ! ESPECIALLY YOUR RNB SIDE MM I'M IMPRSESSED
Shooter's picture
Mon, 07/06/2020 - 12:50am
Coffee took a while to grow on me and I wish I loved it as much as some of Kelly's older singles. I also wish she would stop taking so long to give us an album. But thank you for checking out my chart! Always nice to find fellow R&B lovers like myself that appreciate the genre!