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14Up this week
Koala - "Loose Change" single cover artwork
34Up this week
luz - "we'll be fine" single cover artwork
512Up this week
RHODES - "I'm Not OK" single cover artwork
73Down this week
Moses Sumney - "Bless Me" single cover artwork
86Down this week
Lxandra - "Call Of The Wild" single cover artwork
11-11New this week
Shawn Hook - "Holding On To You" single cover artwork
134Down this week
Atli Örvarsson - "Breathing" single cover artwork
15-15New this week
Phoria - "Current" single cover artwork
1714Down this week
La Chica - "Venezuela" single cover artwork
184Down this week
Victoria - "alright." single cover artwork
19Same position as last week
Wes - "Alane" single cover artwork
2116Up this week
Scorsi - "Waiting" single cover artwork
22-22New this week
Mesto - "Long Time" single cover artwork
232Down this week
Clinton Kane - "hopeless" single cover artwork
2415Up this week
Roary - "Waiting" single cover artwork
25-25New this week
LP - "The One That You Love" single cover artwork
296Up this week
OMÄR - "1000 Malibù" single cover artwork
30-30New this week
Cherry Monday featuring Geleibra - "Lėtai" single cover artwork
312Up this week
La Chica - "La Serpiente" single cover artwork
3210Up this week
Nambyar - "Starting A Fire" single cover artwork
33-33New this week
Yanomi - "SuL Piu BeLLo" single cover artwork
371Down this week
Canova - "Tutti Uguali" single cover artwork
38-38New this week
Brandon Lake - "I Need A Ghost" single cover artwork
391Up this week
New Rules - "Emily" single cover artwork
40-40New this week
Christy - "Dancing With Air" single cover artwork
4227Down this week
Moses Sumney - græ album cover artwork
441Down this week
W&W - "Comin' To Getcha" single cover artwork
4539Down this week
46-46New this week
MADDY - "Why Can't I" single cover artwork
47-47New this week
Maesic featuring Alex Ran - "Ay Papi" single cover artwork
48Same position as last week
lemin. - "tv" single cover artwork
49-49New this week
SAB - "She" single cover artwork
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  1. CXLOE – 12 Steps
  2. Viki Gabor – Forever And A Night
  3. Red Velvet – IRENE & SEULGI – Naughty
  4. Benedict Cork – One Last Song
  5. Andreas Kubler – Quantum
  6. Azis – Who Cares
  7. Ludvigsson & Robbie Rosen ft. Mercedes – Bad Love
  8. DJ ILG, Jorma Uotinen – EI HUONO
  9. Sissel ft. The Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square – Slow Down
  10. Guy Sebastian – Standing With You
  11. The Veronicas – Biting My Tongue
  12. Alok, Martin Jensen, Jason Derulo – Don’t Cry For Me
  13. Clara Mae – Drunk On Emotions
  14. Closed Doors – Take It Off
  15. MOTi, nomerci – Say! Say!
  16. Magnus Carlsson – My Freedom
  17. Guus Meeuwis – Was Jij Maar Hier
  18. Travis – Valentine
  19. Grace Carter, Jacob Banks – Blame
  20. Ina, Virie – Wild Love
  21. Craig Reever – The Beat Goes On
  22. Kiiara – I Still Do
  23. Maude Latour – One More Weekend
  24. Greg Dela – Magic
  25. Jason Derulo – Take You Dancing
  26. Marta Soto – Podras contra conmigo
  27. Richello – Mykonos Bop
  28. Francesco Gabbani – Il sudore ci appiccica
  29. GATTUSO & Laidback Luke ft. Sarah Reeves – Heart On My Sleeve
  30. Aliose – Comme des gangsters
  31. Picture This – Unconditional
  32. Emma-Lee – Tricks
  33. Mags – elephant in the room
  34. Lisa Borud – Me Without U
  35. Jules – Reasons
  36. Meghan Trainor ft. Dillon Francis – Underwater
  37. Handball is Passion, Alexandra Rotan – We’re in This Together
  38. Aiko – Hunt
  39. Bodin, Fets, Avocuddle – U
  41. LANY – if this is the last time
  42. Madism, Happi, Felix Samuel – Without Your Loving
  43. Sterre Weldring – Never Leave You
  44. Mille – Unpredictable
  45. KALEIDA – Long Noon
  46. Bely Basarte – I love you
  47. Mickey Guyton – Heaven Down Here


youdah14me's picture
Sun, 08/02/2020 - 1:41pm
It's so good to see Phoria here! I love their music. Overall, a great week!
uhsting's picture
Wed, 08/05/2020 - 6:19am
Hadn't known Phoria until this piece was released! Decent piece of music but I think they usually don't do this genre I suppose?
youdah14me's picture
Thu, 08/06/2020 - 8:41am
Yup. Their new album, set to be released in November, is classical-inspired, altough their previous releases were mostly electronic. I highly recommend "Loss" from their debut album!
uhsting's picture
Wed, 08/05/2020 - 6:20am
I really like Maddy here! Really unique voice and this song has been bubbling under for some time. I'm glad it finally hit the right note for me and deserves a shoutout in the top 50! Funny enough her song didn't trigger a Danish block on YouTube
Cow Cow's picture
Tue, 08/04/2020 - 12:48pm
well, the most awaited banger, Long Time, is finally get released!
uhsting's picture
Wed, 08/05/2020 - 6:21am
It's been a Long Time since we need an EDM banger! Pleasantly surprised by Brooks here with great melody and strong hook! Not even Shawn Hook can hook this! Pardon my terrible pun but I think Long Time will inflate!