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42Down this week
luz - "we'll be fine" single cover artwork
72Up this week
Phoria - "Current" single cover artwork
118Up this week
Nuela Charles - Melt album cover artwork
1214Up this week
Feed The Biirds - "So I Go" single cover artwork
1417Up this week
Ina Wroldsen - "Pale Horses" single cover artwork
151Up this week
Canova - "Tutti Uguali" single cover artwork
163Down this week
SYML - "The Dark" single cover artwork
182Up this week
Ashe - "Save Myself" single cover artwork
208Down this week
Clinton Kane - "hopeless" single cover artwork
2226Up this week
Christy - "Dancing With Air" single cover artwork
24-24New this week
Diandra - "Koti" single cover artwork
255Up this week
LP - "The One That You Love" single cover artwork
262Up this week
Victoria - "alright." single cover artwork
275Up this week
CXLOE - "12 Steps" single cover artwork
283Down this week
Conan Gray - "Heather" single cover artwork
312Up this week
OMÄR - "1000 Malibù" single cover artwork
3214Up this week
Btwn Us - "Talk" single cover artwork
343Up this week
SOYOU - "GOTTA GO" single cover artwork
35-35New this week
Emma-Mo - "Ein Wort" single cover artwork
36-36New this week
Jason Yu - "Now I Know" single cover artwork
3710Up this week
Blankiflur - "Runner Up" single cover artwork
3912Down this week
Yanomi - "SuL Piu BeLLo" single cover artwork
43-43New this week
Jules - "Reasons" single cover artwork
4541Down this week
Koala - "Loose Change" single cover artwork
46-46New this week
WILD featuring Zac Barnett - "Goin' Back" single cover artwork
4718Down this week
La Chica - "La Serpiente" single cover artwork
495Down this week
Lana Scolaro - "Charlie" single cover artwork
50-50New this week
JOANE - "Ça ira (je sais pas)" single cover artwork
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  1. OLI Milner – This Girl
  2. Turid – What’s Left Of Me
  3. Jaguar Jonze – Toxic
  4. Red Velvet – IRENE & SEULGI – Naughty
  5. Flynn – B-side
  6. Dylan Fraser – Vipers
  7. We The Kingdom – Cages
  8. JUNG – Polar Bears
  9. We Architects, Ky – Red Lights
  10. Noah Cunane – Call Him
  11. darkDARK – Save It
  12. Maude Latour – One More Weekend
  13. BUNT. Ft. Clarence Coffee Jr. – Unbreakable
  14. Magnus Carlsson – My Freedom
  15. Hidden Citizens, Rayelle – Warrior (Stand Up)
  16. Walk Off the Earth – Farther We Go
  17. Aaron Smith – Unconditional
  18. Ane Brun – Take Hold Of Me
  19. Mary Cicilia – Hourglass
  20. Sody ft. Cavetown – is your bedroom ceiling bored?
  21. Breathe Carolina, Robert Falcon, Conor Maynard – IF U
  22. B3nte, John Vince, Benjamin Beats – Coka Vanilla (Family Trip 2021)
  23. Blanco White – All That Matters
  24. Anna von Hausswolff – Sacro Bosco
  25. Apollo LTD – Patient
  26. Maddy – Why Can’t I
  27. Hurts – Somebody
  28. Moses Sumney – Bless Me
  29. Tim Schou – Where You Are
  30. Delaporte, PUTOCHINOMARICON – De Donde Vienes
  31. Danny George ft. Darren Morgan – Say Something
  32. Salt Ashes – counting crosses
  33. Newspeak – Parachute Flare
  34. RHODES – I’m Not Ok
  35. Lucas Lucco – Saudade
  36. Sandra Groove – Cafune
  37. Atli Orvarsson – Breathing
  38. Dion Cooper – Simple
  39. Nova Norda – Beteri Yok Uslanmaktan
  40. Rodrigo y Gabriela, -M- - Mettavolution (Au Coeur du Coeur)
  41. Kiesza – Can’t Be Saved
  42. Vistas – 15 Years
  43. Dreamz, KSHMR ft. Nevve – Casual
  44. Icona Pop – Feels In My Body
  45. Fuel Fandango ft. Denise Rosenthal – El Bosque
  46. FLETCHER – If I Hated You
  47. Wynnm – The Morning
  48. Bianca – Bitch
  50. Caravan Palace – Pluma
  51. Glass Animals – It’s All So Incredibly Loud
  52. Caiiro, AWEN – Your Voice
  53. Alice Chater – Aries
  54. The Silver Spoons – Brain Issues
  55. Andrew Ripp – Back to Brooklyn
  56. BrageAndre, Felix Rivera, Rachel West – Follow You
  57. Milet – Inside You
  58. Hanne Leland – You’re Not Here
  59. Saint Raymond – Love This Way
  60. DYLYN – Find Myself
  61. Measure For Measure – Temporary
  62. Ela. Ft. Ali As – LALALA
  63. LEON – And It Breaks My Heart
  64. LIE NING – home
  65. MEROL – Je Vais Vite (op de Campingdisco)
  66. Rebecca St. James, Luke Smallbone – Dawn
  67. SHY Martin – Are you happy?
  68. Oklou – unearth me
  69. Jesse McCartney – Friends
  70. Isaac Dunbar – God, This Feels Good
  71. Klangkarussell, GIVVEN – Ghostkeeper


IloonkaChart's picture
Mon, 08/24/2020 - 10:40am
Hey! Ohhh, a I love Misterwaves and their new song too. :D I'll Break My Heart Again and Melt are really good songs, nice chart!
uhsting's picture
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 4:14am
Hey! 3 small words is a really cute song by MisterWives, and finally a decent song from them after a few of the recent ones that I'm not a fan of. I'm glad you also like the big ballads that are I'll Break My Heart Again and Melt!
Cow Cow's picture
Wed, 08/26/2020 - 4:27am
Never heard of WILD before, but really like Goin' Back after listening to it for the 1st time. Probably won't be rocking on my chart, but definitely will be added to my playlist. Great chart as always!
uhsting's picture
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 4:16am
Hi! I'm glad you like WILD! I have known them for years already and I really like their style -- indie and their homophonic singing mostly in octaves. I like the melody and vitality of Goin' Back, so could go even higher soon!