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ajmkv's Top 50, Week 682 (2021, Week 13)

March 28, 2021 | 63 songs

Well, that's Q1 of 2021 all wrapped up. Shall we see how the final chart of the period looks?

Brave Girls remain on top with "Rollin'", which claims the #1 position for a third straight week. I'm still playing this a lot, so I'm fully expecting it to be the next 4+ week #1 on my chart. At #2, André reach a new peak with "Nostalgii". Though it took quite a while (it's been on my playlist for almost four months), their new single now matches the peak of their 2019 single, "Reset La Inima", which was a massive hit that never reached #1. Will their next single (or even "Nostalgii") reach #1? We shall see! At #3 and #4, Melanie C's "Into You" and Nicoleta Nuca's "Fata Din Oglinda" climb right back up to their previous peaks, and at #5, Alexandra Ungureanu's "Daca N-am Fi Impreuna" falls a single spot to round out the Top 5. Lower down, GFriend's "Mago" celebrates its reaching the 20-week mark by climbing back into the Top 10. It had dropped out of the Top 10 for a couple weeks, but it's back with a vengeance for its twentieth week.

There are very few new songs and re-peaks this week. The first new song is a classic from my teenage years that makes its raunchy and delicious debut at #29, Ninel Conde's "El Bombón Asesino". It's a hot mess. I loved it then and I still love it now, and it's finally charting, bless. The next new song is the Moonsound & Cristi Nitzu Remix of Nicole Cherry and Jenn Morel's saucy "No Te Sale", which opens at #44. There are three debuts right at the end of the chart: CLC's Sorn makes her solo debut with "Run" at #48, Xonia and Akcent collaborate and enter at #49 with "You Don't Know My Love", and Serena's glittering "Shining Stars" opens at #50. Some re-peaks, as well: Feli's "Vantul Bate" rebounds and inches closer to the Top 10 but still falls to the Feli curse, this week peaking at #11; Otilia, Dony, and Erika Isac's sexy "Peaches And Cream" climbs to a new peak of #20; and Mira's "Nave Spatiale" zooms to #24.

Aside from GFriend's "Mago", there are three other songs that reach important marks. The first is Feli's "Du-te Dorule", which peaked at #9 and this week reaches the 20-week mark. (Feli also sees her past single "Sus Pe Munte", which made the Top 10 of 2020, re-enter the chart; it is STILL playlisted.) The second and third songs are Dahye's "Poison" and Antonia's "Taifun", which both reach the 10-week mark. Congrats to these songs.~

On the albums chart, Paty Cantú remains at #1 with "La Mexicana". There is a new album at #2, and it is Lana Del Rey's "Chemtrails Over The Country Club". Feli's "Feli Din Poveste" keeps climbing back up, this week rebounding to #3; this was my #1 album of 2020, and it is still charting strongly. And, though they falter on the songs chart, Purple Kiss gain their first Top 10 as their mini "Into Violet" climbs to #9.

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1Same position as last week
Brave Girls - Rollin' album cover artwork
1Same position as last week
Brave Girls - "Rollin' (New Version)" single cover artwork
26Up this week
André - "Nostalgii" single cover artwork
75Down this week
Weki Meki - New Rules album cover artwork
94Down this week
Brave Girls - "We Ride" single cover artwork
155Up this week
Liviu Teodorescu featuring Jo - "Fluturii" single cover artwork
169Down this week
Elena - "Trandafiri" single cover artwork
17Same position as last week
Yubin - "PERFUME" single cover artwork
187Up this week
BRUJA - "Belladonna" single cover artwork
198Up this week
Anda Adam featuring Shift - "Tocurile" single cover artwork
234Down this week
Dahye - "Poison" single cover artwork
2423Up this week
MIRA - "Nave Spatiale" single cover artwork
253Up this week
Natali Dizdar - "Vili" single cover artwork
268Down this week
Antonia - "Taifun" single cover artwork
268Down this week
ToTo H - "Typhoon" single cover artwork
275Up this week
Raiden featuring Coogie - "Think About Me" single cover artwork
3016Down this week
Fey featuring Paul Oakenfold - "The Perfect Song" single cover artwork
33-33New this week
Sofia Reyes - "Tick Tock" single cover artwork
3411Down this week
Andreea Balan - "Amintiri" single cover artwork
37-37New this week
Samantha Jade - "New Boy" single cover artwork
3817Down this week
Irina Rimes featuring Cris Cab - "Your Love" single cover artwork
39-39New this week
MIRA - "Cineva" single cover artwork
409Down this week
Tiggy - "Abracadabra" single cover artwork
41-41New this week
Anda Adam featuring Jo Klass - "Inima Mea" single cover artwork
422Down this week
Enca - "Nashta" single cover artwork
46-46New this week
Dahye - "Bad Blood" single cover artwork
48-48New this week
SORN (CLC) - "RUN" single cover artwork
50-50New this week
Serena - "Shining Stars" single cover artwork
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