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Mercury Distinguished 50

So here's a little bit of history concerning my music charts. I began tracking the music I listen to and compiling charts in June of 2016. The underlying trends of genres that I listen to tend to cycle over time - some genres can become more emphasized at particular points and certain music elements can become more popular than others at times. In general, the music featured on my charts tends to emanate from a diverse array of subgenres within electronic music. Originally, mainstream 1980s new wave and synthpop dominated the charts. This changed rapidly in 2017 when 21st century underground indie-pop took over chart leadership. Indie-pop prevailed until the middle of 2018 when millennium-era trance music ascended into chart leadership. As of the end of 2019, trance music remains the preeminent music genre in my charts, though is regularly accompanied by a plethora of indie-pop, drum n bass, trap, and other genres. Hopefully, my charts serve as a source of inspiration and a fosterer of music interest and knowledge.

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1-1New this week
Visage - "Visage" single cover artwork
2-2New this week
Visage - "Fade to Grey" single cover artwork
4-4New this week
Spandau Ballet - "True" single cover artwork
5-5New this week
Cerrone - "Supernature" single cover artwork
9-9New this week
Ultravox - "Sleepwalk" single cover artwork
14-14New this week
Devo - "Whip It" single cover artwork
18-18New this week
Space - "Magic Fly" single cover artwork
25-25New this week
Visage - "Mind of a Toy" single cover artwork
36-36New this week
Visage - "Tar" single cover artwork
37-37New this week
Visage - "Love Glove" single cover artwork
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