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Indulge, A Real Fine Top 60

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1Same position as last week
 - "Biscuits" single cover artwork
2Same position as last week
Sunny Sweeney featuring Will Hoge - "My Bed" single cover artwork
4Same position as last week
 - "Fly" single cover artwork
5Same position as last week
 - "Country" single cover artwork
13Same position as last week
RaeLynn - "For a Boy" single cover artwork
19Same position as last week
 - "Sparks" single cover artwork
21Same position as last week
 - "I'm Comin' Over" single cover artwork
26Same position as last week
Thompson Square - "Trans Am" single cover artwork
313Down this week
 - "Bad Blood" single cover artwork
34Same position as last week
Lucy Angel - Lucy Angel album cover artwork
369Down this week
 - "I Bet" single cover artwork
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Kacey Musgraves hold onto the top for another week with "Biscuits" while the Top 5 remains stagnant. The Top 10 continues to show little movement, though Ashley Monroe and Jessie J achieve new peaks this week and Sam Hunt is able to get in with "House Party." One Direction's "Drag Me Down" reaches the Top 20 in its sixth chart week, while "Cool for the Summer" makes a big move into the Top 30. Lady Antebellum also score their first Top 30 hit with "Long Stretch of Love" this week. "Wildest Dreams" and "What Do You Mean?" continue their hot starts as they jump into the Top 40 in their third weeks, knocking a bunch of songs back, including Selena Gomez who slips from the Top 40. Enrique Iglesias gets his second current song on the chart with "El Perdón (Forgiveness)," a collaboration with Nicky Jam, finds its way onto the chart this week. The other debut comes from Robin Thicke's "Back Together."