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Indulge, A Real Fine Top 60

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111Up this week
Rascal Flatts - "Riot" single cover artwork
151Up this week
 - "I Bet" single cover artwork
202Up this week
Taylor Swift - "Style" single cover artwork
25Same position as last week
 - "Take Your Time" single cover artwork
281Down this week
 - "7/11" single cover artwork
311Up this week
Gloriana - "Trouble" single cover artwork
42Same position as last week
 - "Homegrown" single cover artwork
44Same position as last week
Terri Clark - Some Songs album cover artwork
47Same position as last week
 - "On to Something Good" single cover artwork
502Up this week
 - "Sugar" single cover artwork
51Same position as last week
 - "Ayo" single cover artwork
581Up this week
RaeLynn - "For a Boy" single cover artwork
591Up this week
Rihanna - "American Oxygen" single cover artwork
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Josh Turner finally lays claim to the top spot this week with "Lay Low" ascending 2-1 after Madonna's two-week reign ends with her falling 1-5. The Top 5 welcomes Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood with their similarly-titled singles, while "Love Me Like You Mean It" and "Mi Nuevo Vicio" bound into the Top 10, each with four-point jumps. Kelsea Ballerini's climb was aided by her album release week -- which, as an aside, is a great record that everyone should check out! Meanwhile, Taylor Swift brings "Style" into the Top 20, while "Girl Crush" moves into the Top 30. "Pretty Girls" has another strong week and makes a repeat as the Greatest Gainer with a 30-23. New to the Top 40 this week is Nick Jonas with "Chains," while action below the Top 40 continues to be pretty minimal as only one song exits the chart, which allows for one debut from Billy Currington with "Don't It." I wasn't overly fond of this at first, but it's grown on me a lot from hearing it on the radio, where it is looking to land at #1 this week.