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This week,


Seriously, he not only is the #1 with Humble, but every single track of DAMN. landed in my Top 40 (6 of them in my Top 10!).

Now, it won't last that long, but I predict some songs will stay (especially Humble & DNA)

Entering the Top 100 for the first time: Kendrick Lamar, Tinie Tempah and Calvin Harris feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande

New Debuts from: Kendrick Lamar (obviously), Tinie Tempah, Stormzy, Alan Walker, Fake Pictures, Die Toten Hosen, Lady Gaga, Adel Tawil, Gorillaz feat. D.R.A.M., John Newman (even though it charted in my charts in 2015), Sigrid, Eminem (even though it charted in my charts in 2010), Young Thug feat. Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz & PnB Rock, Cheat Codes feat. Demi Lovato, DNCE feat. Nicki Minaj, Shakira & CHVRCHES.

Next week it will be the afternath of Kendrick's Domination.

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2-2New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
4-4New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
65Down this week
Marteria featuring Teutilla - "Aliens" single cover artwork
8-8New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
11-11New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
122Up this week
Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee - "Despacito" single cover artwork
148Down this week
Lorde - "Green Light" single cover artwork
15-15New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
16-16New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
1713Down this week
Massari - "So Long" single cover artwork
1810Down this week
The Weeknd - "Secrets" single cover artwork
20-20New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
21-21New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
22-22New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
23-23New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
2417Down this week
Jamiroquai - "Cloud 9" single cover artwork
26-26New this week
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. album cover artwork
3213Down this week
Burak Yeter featuring Danelle Sandoval - "Tuesday" single cover artwork
3316Down this week
Anne-Marie - "Ciao Adios" single cover artwork
3716Down this week
Ed Sheeran - "Galway Girl" single cover artwork
40115Up this week
John Newman - "Olé" single cover artwork
4116Down this week
Jamiroquai - "Automaton" single cover artwork
4214Down this week
Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" single cover artwork
4317Down this week
Ofenbach - "Be Mine" single cover artwork
4617Down this week
Ridsa - "Avancer" single cover artwork
53-53New this week
Tinie Tempah featuring Wizkid - "Mamacita" single cover artwork
54-54New this week
Tinie Tempah featuring Nea - "Chasing Flies" single cover artwork
5524Down this week
Jax Jones featuring Raye - "You Don't Know Me" single cover artwork
6122Down this week
Alessia Cara - "Stay" single cover artwork
624Up this week
Rag'n'Bone Man - "Skin" single cover artwork
6421Down this week
Sean Paul featuring Dua Lipa - "No Lie" single cover artwork
688Down this week
Future - "Mask Off" single cover artwork
7224Down this week
 - "Out Of My System" single cover artwork
7418Down this week
Martin Jensen - "Solo Dance" single cover artwork
7727Down this week
Maroon 5 featuring Future - "Cold" single cover artwork
7825Down this week
Linkin Park featuring Kiiara - "Heavy" single cover artwork
7920Down this week
ZAYN featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR - "Still Got Time" single cover artwork
819Down this week
CMC$ featuring Gia Koka - "Not Going Home" single cover artwork
8233Down this week
8623Down this week
Little Mix - "Touch" single cover artwork
8733Down this week
Marian Hill - "Down" single cover artwork
8836Down this week
The Weeknd - "Reminder" single cover artwork
9019Down this week
Blossoms - Blossoms album cover artwork
9424Down this week
The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk - "Starboy" single cover artwork
9733Down this week
Bruno Martini featuring zeeba - "Hear Me Now" single cover artwork
10217Down this week
Just Us - "Cloudbusting" single cover artwork
1032Down this week
Stargate featuring Sia - "Waterfall" single cover artwork
10643Up this week
99 Percent - "Cake" single cover artwork
10749Down this week
Jane XØ - "Love Me" single cover artwork
11013Down this week
DJ Khaled featuring JAY Z - "Shining" single cover artwork
11134Down this week
Ed Sheeran - "Castle on the Hill" single cover artwork
11512Down this week
Kyle featuring Lil Yachty - "iSpy" single cover artwork
11633Down this week
Bag Raiders - "Shooting Stars" single cover artwork
11728Down this week
Disciples - "On My Mind" single cover artwork
11830Down this week
Wincent Weiss - "Feuerwerk" single cover artwork
12247Down this week
Big Sean - "Bounce Back" single cover artwork
12312Down this week
Alma - "Chasing Highs" single cover artwork
124-124New this week
Stormzy - Gang Signs & Prayer album cover artwork
128-128New this week
13061Down this week
The Parakit featuring Alden Jacob - "When I Hold You" single cover artwork
131-131New this week
Fake Pictures - "Two Princes" single cover artwork
13228Down this week
The Weeknd - "Party Monster" single cover artwork
13340Down this week
Austin Mahone - "Dirty Work" single cover artwork
135-135New this week
Die Toten Hosen - "Unter Den Wolken" single cover artwork
137-137New this week
Lady Gaga - "The Cure" single cover artwork
13854Down this week
13925Down this week
Roya featuring Maître Gims - "Fighting For 2" single cover artwork
14215Down this week
SDP - "So Schön Kaputt" single cover artwork
14338Down this week
Trevor Guthrie - "Wanted" single cover artwork
14515Down this week
Welshly Arms - "Legendary" single cover artwork
1468Down this week
Zuna featuring Noizy - "Nummer 1" single cover artwork
147-147New this week
Adel Tawil - "Ist Da Jemand" single cover artwork
148-148New this week
Gorillaz featuring D.R.A.M. - "Andromeda" single cover artwork
1505Down this week
London Grammar - "Big Picture" single cover artwork
1519Down this week
Jasmine Thompson featuring Eden Prince - "Mad World" single cover artwork
15250Down this week
15428Up this week
Jacob Bellens - "Untouchable" single cover artwork
1552Down this week
Louis Berry - "Restless" single cover artwork
15631Down this week
Clean Bandit featuring Anne-Marie - "Rockabye" single cover artwork
15742Down this week
MØ - "Don't Leave" single cover artwork
1625Down this week
Mura Masa featuring Charli XCX - "1 Night" single cover artwork
16438Down this week
Naughty Boy featuring Popcaan - "Should've Been Me" single cover artwork
16625Down this week
 - "Way Down We Go" single cover artwork
16724Down this week
Lorde - "Liability" single cover artwork
168-168New this week
 - "Not Afraid" single cover artwork
17020Down this week
Pitbull - "Freedom" single cover artwork
17135Down this week
Jon Bellion featuring Stormzy - "All Time Low" single cover artwork
17249Down this week
Ed Sheeran - "Barcelona" single cover artwork
177-177New this week
Andreas Gabalier - "Hulapalu" single cover artwork
17838Down this week
The Amazons - "Black Magic" single cover artwork
179-179New this week
Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato - "No Promises" single cover artwork
180-180New this week
DNCE featuring Nicki Minaj - "Kissing Strangers" single cover artwork
18129Down this week
Bruno Mars - "24K Magic" single cover artwork
182-182New this week
Shakira - "Me Enamoré" single cover artwork
18348Down this week
R.I.O. - "Headlong" single cover artwork
18421Down this week
Rihanna - "Love On The Brain" single cover artwork
18880Down this week
Bastille - "Blame" single cover artwork
19036Down this week
Lenny - Hearts album cover artwork
19525Down this week
Alle Farben - "Bad Ideas" single cover artwork
19631Down this week
Biffy Clyro - Ellipsis album cover artwork
19962Down this week
Alan Walker - "Alone" single cover artwork
20038Down this week
Vice featuring Jon Bellion - "Obsession" single cover artwork
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Next week's predictions for 27.04.2017:

1. Calvin Harris - Heatstroke (feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande) (+12)

2. Kendrick Lamar - Humble (=)

3. Pitbull - Hey Ma (feat. J Balvin & Camila Cabello) (=)

4. Kendrick Lamar - DNA (-2)

5. Marteria - Aliens (feat. Teutilla) (+1)

6. Kygo & Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me (+4)

7. Tinie Tempah - Find Me (feat. Jake Bugg) (-2)

8. Lorde - Green Light (+6)

9. Luis Fonsi - Despacito (feat. Daddy Yankee) (+3)

10. Kendrick Lamar - Fear (-6)


RandomGuy's picture
Thu, 04/20/2017 - 3:20pm
Hey Sergej!! Again, it's incredible to see how much effort you put into your charts! It's been a pleasure to check all those 200 songs! So, as usual, I'm pleased to see 'That's What I Like' and 'Something Just Like This' in your Top 40!! I'm also pleased to see 'Shed A Light', 'Occidentalli's Karma', 'Shape Of You', 'Castle On The Hill', 'Paris', 'Alone', 'Starboy', 'I Feel It Coming' and plenty of more on your list! Wow, That's a LOT of Kendrick Lamar songs on your list! Even The Chainsmokers aren't dominating my list as much (they have 3 out of my Top 5 songs in 2017 leaderboard!) :D. Oh, I've forgot to mention, I'm also glad to see 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' on your list! It's probably going to re-enter my list inside the top 5 next week! Anyways, look forward to your reply! Have a nice evening :)
Sun, 04/23/2017 - 2:40am
Thanks for the comment! Yes Kendrick has dominated my chart this week and it's great that you like most of the songs! I hope your next charts will be great! See you soon!
Fri, 04/21/2017 - 12:24pm
Hey Sergej! Good job with your charts once again. :) 'DAMN.' might not be Kendrick's best album in my opinion, but I still love it a lot! It's good to see that there are six tracks from it inside your Top 40. I'm also pleased that Tinie Tempah got so many debuts too! All of your other new entries (or at least, the ones I've heard) are impressive too. Have a fantastic weekend & I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Fri, 04/21/2017 - 12:25pm
Hey Piran! Yes, Kendrick's album is really great, not as great as To Pimp A Butterfly, but still great! And that's why every single track out of DAMN. are in the Top 40. I look forward to hear from you soon too Piran!
Fri, 04/21/2017 - 4:44pm
Hey Sergej! one word to describe this- DAMN. ;) see what I did there?! XD I haven't heard the whole of Kendrick's album yet, but what ive heard to far is good! :) great to see all the Tinie songs too, and all his old singles which all did very well for me! I'm glad to see Written In The Stars there too- its one of my favourite songs of all time! :) great to see climbers from Louisa Johnson, G-Eazy and Kehlani and more, and to see Hey Ma stay top 3! I'm also glad to see No Promises hit your top 200! :) I just put up another chart so tell me what u think! :D
Sun, 04/23/2017 - 2:49am
Hey Calum! You just saw Kendrick's domination this week! Written In The Stars is one of my favourite Tinie Tempah songs too, it went number one for 4 weeks in 2011 in my charts! Best Behaviour and Good Life will gain big next week and Hey Ma will be in the Top 3 next week too. And No Promises will gain next week as well.
Tom ✨'s picture
Sat, 04/22/2017 - 10:48am
Hey Sergej, great chart again! Wow I'm suprised to see Kendrick dominate your chart! I expected a few songs in the Top 40, not all of them! This is quite impressive! But that means a lot of songs that I like fell down :(. Like 'Symphony', 'Slide', 'Tuesday' and etc. At lest there's a huge climb from 'Heatstroke' which is probably debuting on my chart tomorrow! Also great to see 'Best Behaviour' and 'Good Life' climb a lot!! Well I'm going to rank your new entries now : 1.) The whole DAMN. album (Good), 2.) Songs from Youth (Good), 3.) Swimming Pools (Drank) [Okay], 4.) King Kunta (Haven't heard), 5.) Mortal Man (Haven't heard), 6.) Ignite (Great), 7.) Two Princes (Haven't heard), 8.) Unter den Wolken (Haven't heard), 9.) The Cure (Amazing), 10.) Ist Da Jemand (Haven't heard yet), 11.) Andromeda (Good), 12.) Come And Get It (Okay), 13.) Don't Kill My Vibe (Boring, you might even say this song killed my vibe), 14.) Not Afraid (Okay), 15.) Gang Up (Okay), 16.) No Promises (Great), 17.) Kissing Strangers (Okay, growing on me), 18.) Me Enamore (Amazing) & 19.) Leave A Trace (Haven't heard) Well, another good week on your charts if you ask me! I posted a chart as well but you haven't commented on it, so check it out before I post a new one tomorrow! That's it from me, see ya soon!
Sat, 04/22/2017 - 1:19pm
Thanks for the comment Tom! Yes, he pretty much dominated my charts this week, but it probably won't stay for long, HUMBLE & DNA will probably stay in the charts, but not the others, maybe FEAR & XXX will stay too, the others will drop. And the songs you mentioned that fell down will rebound again. Also Heatstroke is right now at #1 (Updated my predictions) and Best Behaviour and Good Life will continue to climb next week. Alright I will check out your charts right now!