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Flagging songs

Flag a song to note an issue with its metadata, bringing it to the attention of the Crownnote team for review.

To flag a song, go to a song page and click/tap on the flag icon below the title. You'll be presented with a form of options corresponding with needed corrections:

  • Duplicate (this song is already listed on the site)
  • Misspelled (song title, album title, or artist name)
  • Wrong artist, song title, or album
  • Not importing correctly (if importing from a spreadsheet)
  • Spam or fake
  • Other

An additional text field allows you to add any details about what needs to be adjusted, such as the original song link (in the case of a duplicate) or the correct title of a misspelled song or album.

After submitting the form, the Crownnote team will receive a message with your submission and may contact you with any questions or clarification before making changes to a song.