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About The Crown 100

The Crown 100 is Crownnote's flagship composite chart, listing the 100 most popular songs each week based on Crownnote users' personal charts.

The Crown 100 is posted each Monday and includes all charts posted between the previous Sunday and Saturday. (For example, the Crown 100 chart posted on October 17, 2016 includes all charts posted and with a chart date between October 9 and 15.) Personal charts backdated after the Crown 100 that would correspond with its date will not be included in that or any future Crown 100 chart – the Crown 100 will only be recalculated and republished in the event of technical error or omission.

Rankings on the Crown 100 are based on points received from songs' positions on personal charts. A song's ranking on the Crown 100 does not earn it any additional points toward its points total.