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A brief note regarding Crownnote's recent downtime

You may have noticed that Crownnote was unavailable for much of the past two days, displaying an "Account Suspended" message, and wondering what had happened with the site. I want to personally take a moment to update everyone on the situation...

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New chart mechanic: Daily and No Points charts

If you've been adding charts in the past two weeks, you may have noticed a small new feature that improves how your charts affect songs' point totals on Crownnote. While the initial intent of Crownnote was to allow users to post one chart per...

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Now live: chart reminder emails

If you've edited your account details since registering on the site, you may have seen a checkbox allowing you to disable chart reminder emails. Even if you didn't check that box, you haven't received any reminders...until now. When you add a...

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