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Known issue with song points on Leaderboards

December 2, 2017 - 2:18pm

Several users have recently reported a bug concerning songs' points on your Leaderboards. Songs' points are multiplied on previously-created charts if they are added to multiple albums after first being created, or if a new main or featured artist is added.

For a more technical explanation of what occurs: in any lists on the site that show full song data (title, artists, and albums), including Leaderboards as well as the lists of songs and features on artist pages, the usual point formula is multiplied by the number of main artists, featured artists, and albums that a song has (though zeroes are ignored). In most cases, this multiplier is 1 (one main artist, zero featured artists, and one album), which prevents any issues from occurring. However, with the rise of songs that include a larger number of credited artists, or songs that are included on multiple albums or EPs, this multiplier sometimes increases. To overcome this multiplier – which is automatic due to the way Crownnote's content management system works, not an intentional feature – there is an additional denominator field that is calculated when a chart is saved and used to divide the multiplier by the number of artists and albums, effectively resetting the multiplier to 1 and displaying points as normal. Where this system falls short is after a song is created on Crownnote and added to charts, then the song is edited to include newly-credited artists or note its appearance on a new album: older charts' denominators are not updated, so the songs' points are incorrect. In order to fix this, older charts that are affected currently need to be resaved so that the points are recalculated.

If you come across songs that appear to have incorrect points on your Leaderboard, please go to the song's detail page and flag it with the "Points are incorrect" flag. Songs will be adjusted in time for your year-end charts to be correct. Thank you for your patience as we continue to look into ways to fully correct this behavior.