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Mercury Distinguished 50

Not a lot to say with this debut chart. Visage locks in the top two positions, with their eponymous single "Visage" and international hit "Fade to Grey," as they approach the height of their success on my charts. Spandau Ballet clutches #3 and #4 with two markedly different singles from two markedly different eras of the band's history. Instrumentals also show off their lustre with Cerrone's "Supernature" holding onto spot #5 and RAH Band's "The Crunch" sliding into sixth. Depeche Mode takes #7 with "Everything Counts," while Dead or Alive claims #8 with "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)." Finally, the crisp synthwork of Ultravox nets position #9 with their single "Sleepwalk," and Frankie Goes to Hollywood manages #10 with "Two Tribes" (admittedly, mostly because of the nuclear siren at the beginning of the song). Personally speaking, there are not a lot of distinct underlying trends I could detect in this chart edition except those that are already near their peaks and those that haven't yet developed.


(see notes at the bottom of the chart for contextual info)

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Visage - "Visage" single cover artwork
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Visage - "Fade To Grey" single cover artwork
4-4New this week
Spandau Ballet - "True" single cover artwork
5-5New this week
Cerrone - "Supernature" single cover artwork
9-9New this week
Ultravox - "Sleepwalk" single cover artwork
14-14New this week
Devo - "Whip It" single cover artwork
18-18New this week
Space - "Magic Fly" single cover artwork
25-25New this week
Visage - "Mind of a Toy" single cover artwork
36-36New this week
Visage - "Tar" single cover artwork
37-37New this week
Visage - "Love Glove" single cover artwork
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So here's a little bit of history concerning my charts. I began tracking the music I listen to and compiling charts in late June of last year. Using whatever historical information I could dig up, I was able to create music charts going back to March of last year, but for various reasons, this is probably the best starting point with regard to publishing these charts. The earliest charts held only 25 positions, they were generally much more unsettled (during one week, all but three songs had been displaced by new entries and re-entries!), and the information itself might not have been the most reliable and/or accurate. Additionally, there's also a slightly symbolic attribute about this chart, as it was the first one to be calculated using data from Saturday to Friday (as opposed to Monday to Sunday). As a result, this chart only covered the period from July 4 - July 8. The prior chart edition also pegged Visage's "Visage" at #1 and "Fade to Grey" in the runner-up position - a rare occurence in my charts back then, thus perhaps marking a shfit toward stabilisation.


Earlier, I had posted my series of charts for 2017 to get the ball rolling. This also marks the transition period, self-referred to as the "modernisation revolution," in which the music I listened to changed rather abruptly and drastically from predominantly 1980s mainstream music to more-21st century underground music. The underlying genres that I listen to tend not to change considerably over time - some genres may be emphasised, certain music elements may become more popular at times, but overall, my musical tastes can be thrown under the umbrella term of synthpop - music that involves more-so machines than guitars and other traditional instruments.


Over the next couple of weeks, my goal is to post all of the remaining 2016 charts on here and then go back into my 2017 charts, update them with the new 2016 information, and add commentary (and statistics) I previously waived in the process of setting up. Hopefully my charts meet with your satisfaction and, if nothing else, foster an interest in music and perhaps the creative arts as a whole.