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Mercury Distinguished 50

October 20, 2017 | 50 songs

* Another thin volume week results in an unprecedented second consecutive #1 debut! This time, Alice in Videoland inherits the top of the charts with the eccentric "Little Bird;" the band's second #1 hit after "Something New."

* Not to be outdone at #2 and #3 are the Nordic Resistance Movement's political anthem "Håll Fanan Högt" and TR/ST's "Sulk," respectively. Despite lagging about the bottom of the Top 40 since its debut three weeks ago, "Håll Fanan Högt" has suddenly become very popular on the charts with a thirty-two place jump straight to the runner-up position. Meanwhile, after essentially not moving for the better half of two months, TR/ST's "Sulk" finally made that triumphant move to #3, up four positions from last week to officially become TR/ST's biggest hit on the charts!

* Austra claims #4 and #8 this week on the charts with "Spellwork" and "The Future" little changed from their previous placements. Closing out the Top 5 this week is vivienxo's "TTYN," gaining five places in an attempt to challenge its previous peak at #4.

* Sitting right outside the Top 10 is Ashbury Heights's "Phantasmagoria," hitting a fresh new high at #6 this week. Blue Hawaii's "Lilac," on the other hand, languishes at #7 to touch a nearly four-month low. Nonetheless, with sixteen consecutive weeks charted inside the Top 10, "Lilac" continues to enjoy nearly unparalleled chart success!

* Ships in the Night's "Elegy" clings to the Top 10 with a swift nine place drop from #1, the biggest fall from #1 for any song since late May. Finally, Ministry's "(Every Day Is) Halloween" rises from the dead and rejoins the Top 10 for the first time in nearly seven months! The song gained another twelve places to reach #9, marking the first time Ministry has been in the Top 10 since early August.

* Another fairly eventful week for new entries, again with "Little Bird" leading the pack as Alice in Videoland's #1 debut. For the first time in roughly three months, Austra has a new entry with "We Were Alive" just missing the Top 10 at #11. Postiljonen and Blue Hawaii also have new songs hitting the charts: "Supreme" at #26 and "Versus Game" at #36.

* A lot of negative performance in this week's Top 20; partly as a result of the unusually low volume. Feathers's "Land of the Innocent" slid eight positions to #12, falling out of the Top 10 for the first time in two months. Additionally, Alice in Videoland's "Something New" dove twelve places to #14 from #2 last week, being affected by a double punch of both low volume and dilution from "Little Bird" stealing some of its thunder.

* There were a few benefactors from this week's low volume, however. Despite waning popularity toward the end of the week, Still Corners's "I Wrote in Blood" was able to mount a solid thirteen place jump to #19, scoring their biggest hit in the process. Krystal System unexpectedly broke the Top 30 as "Automatic Ideology" continued its slow grind upward, claiming #28 this week. Finally, Chromatics's "Lady" tied its previous high at #38 despite receiving almost no plays over the week.

* This was a miserable week for Marsheaux. "August Day" slumped six places to #29, "To the End" declined seven to another new low, and "Secret Place" dropped out completely once more. This is the first time since mid-June that Marsheaux had only two songs actively charting, and also have no song charting above #29.

* Lastly, not since late April has there been such negative performance outside of the Top 10, with only eight songs upward-bound. However, inside of the Top 10, five songs climbed from the previous week, the highest number of gaining songs in the Top 10 since early September. Curiously, this is also the first time since early July that no song in the Top 10 has been unchanged from the previous week.

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34Up this week
TR/ST - "Sulk" single cover artwork
55Up this week
vivienxo - "TTYN" single cover artwork
15Same position as last week
Ten After Dawn - Best of Both Words (EP) album cover artwork
164Down this week
Kokoko! - "Tokoliana" single cover artwork
182Down this week
Austra - "Home" single cover artwork
223Down this week
Austra - "Lose It" single cover artwork
2512Down this week
Thermostatic - "The Box" single cover artwork
26-26New this week
Postiljonen - "Supreme" single cover artwork
296Down this week
Marsheaux - "August Day" single cover artwork
31-31New this week
Psyche - "Underrated" single cover artwork
3910Down this week
Keluar - Vitreum (EP) album cover artwork
421Down this week
Austra - "Painful Like" single cover artwork
437Down this week
Poeme Electronique - "Voice" single cover artwork
4515Down this week
REIN - Rein EP album cover artwork
467Down this week
508Down this week
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Biggest Gainers:

1) Nordic Resistance Movement: "Håll Fanan Högt" (+32)

2) Blank: "Persistence" (+22)

3) Still Corners: "I Wrote in Blood" (+13)


Biggest Decliners:

1) Haysi Fantayzee: "John Wayne Is Big Leggy" (-24)

2) REIN: "Rebel Girls" (-15)

3) Even More: "Rythomiser" (-14)


New Entries:

1) Alice in Videoland: "Little Bird" (#1)

2) Austra: "We Were Alive" (#11)

3) Postiljonen: "Supreme" (#26)

4) The Knife: "Like a Pen" (#33)

5) Blue Hawaii: "Versus Game" (#36)

6) Goodluck: "Trickery" (#47)



1) Rational Youth, Psyche: "Underrated" (previously peaked at #7)

2) The Human League: "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" (previously peaked at #10*)



1) Pethrol: "As Far As I Know" (previously peaked at #12)

2) Marsheaux: "Secret Place" (previously peaked at #3)

3) Dark Orange: "Traumwandler" (previously peaked at #33)

4) Coska: "Nightdrive" (previously peaked at #10)

5) Parralox: "Electric Nights" (previously peaked at #45)

6) Feels: "Gates" (previously peaked at #18)

7) Glasspool: "Temperamental Journey" (previously peaked at #1 for one week)

8) Trans-X: "Living on Video" (previously peaked at #6)


New Highs:

1) Nordic Resistance Movement: "Håll Fanan Högt" (#2)

2) TR/ST: "Sulk" (#3)

3) Ashbury Heights: "Phantasmagoria" (#6)

4) Still Corners: "I Wrote in Blood" (#19)

5) Blank: "Persistence" (#21)

6) Krystal System: "Automatic Ideology" (#28)

7) Electrogenic: "Skills" (#35)

8) Chromatics: "Lady" (#38, also previously held the #38 position for one week)


New Lows:

1) Ships in the Night: "Elegy" (#10)

2) Kokoko!: "Tokoliana" (#16, also previously held the #16 position for one week)

3) Gary Numan: "My Name Is Ruin" (#24)

4) Thermostatic: "The Box" (#25)

5) Ships in the Night: "Deathless" (#27, also previously held the #27 position for one week)

6) Die Perlen: "Großstadtangst" (#34)

7) Keluar: "Vitreum" (#39)

8) Even More: "Rythomiser" (#40)

9) Ships in the Night: "World Turned Cold" (#44, also previously held the #44 position for one week)

10) REIN: "Rebel Girls" (#45)

11) Marsheaux: "To the End" (#46)

12) Haysi Fantayzee: "John Wayne Is Big Leggy" (#49, also previously held the #49 position for one week)

13) East Wall: "Privacy" (#50)