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Mercury Distinguished 75

Amidst a backdrop of very heavy volume, a fairly eclectic set of songs comprise this week's top ten with an unusually strong showing of several new entrants. At the top of it all, retaining the #1 spot for a second week in a row is Canadian chillwave duo Blue Hawaii's "Lilac." In this, not only was "Lilac" able to continue to reign the chart, but it also sharply increased its lead over the competition to a record unparalleled since I've began compiling charts! Additionally, "Lilac" also received the most amount of plays for any song since Ships in the Night's "Deathless" on the May 12th chart edition. The race between second and third, meanwhile, was much closer, with The Girl & The Robot's "Borderline" able to claim the runner-up position with a twenty place advance. Roaring straight into third is this week's highest new entry, Swedish EBM solo project REIN's "There Is No Authority But Yourself." At #4, owing much of its strong performance to "Top of the Pops" comes "To Be or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)" from American comedian Mel Brooks. Slowly creeping up the charts to #5 is Australian new wave band Neuropa with "The End," continuing their streak of top ten hits. With "The End" entering the top five, Neuropa has now had three songs that reached the top ten, with "The End" actually being the highest charting song of the trio.


Moving into the lower half of the top ten, Swedish dream pop trio Postiljonen debut at #6 with "On the Run." Rotating back into the top ten is the single remix of Ministry's "Stigmata," climbing five to #7 while the album version slides eight to #13. Austra claims both #8 and #9 this week, with "Lose It" losing one more place to #8 and "Beat and the Pulse" warming up eleven to #20. With these moves, "Beat and the Pulse" finally climbs into the top ten for the first time after having spent over twenty (non-consecutive) weeks below it, by far a record for the longest time it has taken a song to break the top ten. "Lose It," meanwhile, has now spent twelve consecutive weeks inside the top ten, the longest run for any song since Wolfsheim's eleven-week chart topper "The Sparrows and the Nightingales," and Marsheaux's "August Day," back in early April. Finally, consummating the top ten is Ships in the Night's "Dark Places," off eight.


Just underneath the top ten, most songs are struggling to keep their place in the upper reaches of the charts. Glasperlenspiel's "Freundschaft" led the underperformers in the top twenty, falling twelve places to #15, a new low for the song. Other laggards included Ships in the Night's "Deathless," falling out of the top ten once more to #14, off four; and Chromatics's "Cherry," down eight to #16. Ministry continues to be a tug of war between the "With Sympathy" era and the harder industrial hit "Stigmata" and its variations. While "Revenge" stepped back two to #19, "I Wanted to Tell Her" swung higher by fifteen to challenge the top ten yet again, just missing out a break at #11. Neuropa's "Deutschevision" also threatened the top ten, but fell short at #12; though still up an impressive twenty-six. Purity Ring's "Heartsigh" rounds out the top twenty with a strong forty-five place jump.


Elsewhere on the charts, new and recent entrants generally outperformed old guard songs. Whilst Linea Aspera's "Lamanai" and Keluar's "Ennoea" both swoon to new lows at #53 and #60, "Hinterland" and "Detritus" both hit new highs at #32 and #33. Apart from the single remix of "Stigmata" and a twelve place leap from "Effigy (I'm Not An) to #12, the only gainer from Ministry was "You Know What You Are," up twelve to #39. The Human League's "Open Your Heart" manages an increase of thirteen to #41, besting its most recent high at #45 and the peak of the other recent re-entry, "Love Action (I Believe in Love)," also at #45. OMD, meanwhile, modestly enters the chart at #69 with their newest single "The Punishment of Luxury." Whether it has as much success on the chart as "Isotype" remains to be seen. Finally, Tears for Fears takes a stab at the charts again with two re-entries, "Mad World" at #67 and "Pale Shelter" at #68.

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1Same position as last week
Blue Hawaii - "Lilac" single cover artwork
511Up this week
168Down this week
Chromatics - "Cherry" single cover artwork
228Down this week
Marsheaux - "August Day" single cover artwork
2314Down this week
2620Down this week
27-27New this week
Austra - Olympia album cover artwork
2813Down this week
Marsheaux - "Secret Place" single cover artwork
3316Up this week
Keluar - Ennoea (EP) album cover artwork
423Down this week
TR/ST - "Bulbform" single cover artwork
439Up this week
Austra - Olympia album cover artwork
46-46New this week
A Flock of Seagulls - "Talking" single cover artwork
484Down this week
Austra - "Home" single cover artwork
5527Down this week
TR/ST - "Candy Walls" single cover artwork
5629Down this week
5811Down this week
Austra - "We Become" single cover artwork
607Down this week
Keluar - Ennoea (EP) album cover artwork
624Down this week
Katie Stelmanis - "Believe Me" single cover artwork
649Down this week
Austra - "American Science" single cover artwork
706Down this week
71-71New this week
Treasureseason - "Archipelago" single cover artwork
7412Down this week
Austra - "What We Done?" single cover artwork
7525Down this week
Welle: Erdball - "1000 Engel" single cover artwork
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Biggest Gainers:

1) Purity Ring: "Heartsigh" (+45)

2) Neuropa: "Deutschevision" (+26)

3) The Girl & The Robot: "Borderline" (+20)

4) Austra: "Future Politics" (+20)

5) Keluar: "Detritus" (+16)


Biggest Decliners:

1) Homo Futura: "Die Welt von Heute" (-41)

2) Austra: "The Villain" (-34)

3) Marsheaux: "Self Control" (-29)

4) TR/ST: "Candy Walls" (-27)

5) Austra: "Darken Her Horse" (-27)


New Entries:

1) REIN: "There Is No Authority But Yourself" (#3)

2) Mel Brooks: "To Be or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)" (#4)

3) Postiljonen: "On the Run" (#6)

4) Austra: "Hurt Me Now" (#27)

5) Die Funkhausgruppe: "Tanzpalast" (#37)

6) OMD: "The Punishment of Luxury" (#69)

7) Treasureseason: "Archipelago" (#71)



1) A Flock of Seagulls: "Talking" (#46, previously peaked at #2)

2) Tears for Fears: "Mad World" (#67, previously peaked at #1 for two non-consecutive weeks)

3) Tears for Fears: "Pale Shelter" (#68, previously peaked at #2)

4) Ministry: "(Every Day Is) Halloween" (#72, previously peaked at #3)



1) Transponder: "E.B.M. Kamerad" (previously peaked at #8)

2) Ministry: "Overkill" (previously peaked at #1 for one week)

3) Dead or Alive: "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" (previously peaked at #1 for one week)

4) Indigovox: "Photographs" (previously peaked at #66)

5) Cavaan: "Bitcoin" (previously peaked at #28)

6) Curse on the Cortex: "Great Connections" (previously peaked at #68)

7) Indigovox: "Elovelymotional" (previously peaked at #70)

8) Zynik 14: "Schlag auf Stahl" (previously peaked at #50)

9) New Order: "Your Silent Face" (previously peaked at #38)

10) Purity Ring: "push pull" (previously peaked at #73)

11) Transponder feat. Zynik 14: "Auf der Jagd" (previously peaked at #74)


New Highs:

1) The Girl & The Robot: "Borderline" (#2)

2) Neuropa: "The End" (#5)

3) Austra: "Beat and the Pulse" (#9)

4) Purity Ring: "Heartsigh" (#20)

5) Linea Aspera: "Hinterland" (#32)

6) Keluar: "Detritus" (#33)

7) Ministry: "You Know What You Are" (#39)


New Lows:

1) Ships in the Night: "Dark Places" (#10)

2) Glasperlenspiel: "Freundschaft" (#15)

3) Ships in the Night: "Final Hours" (#30)

4) Ministry: "Work for Love" (#35)

5) Austra: "Home" (#48)

6) Austra: "The Future" (#50)

7) Poeme Electronique: "She's an Image" (#52)

8) Linea Aspera: "Lamanai" (#53)

9) Poeme Electronique: "The Echoes Fade" (#54)

10) TR/ST: "Candy Walls" (#55)

11) Marsheaux: "Self Control" (#56)

12) Marsheaux: "Empire State Human" (#59)

13) Keluar: "Ennoea" (#60)

14) Katie Stelmanis: "Believe Me" (#62)

15) Austra: "Darken Her Horse" (#63)

16) Austra: "American Science" (#64)

17) Austra: "The Villain" (#65)

18) Homo Futura: "Die Welt von Heute" (#66)

19) Neuropa: "Americana" (#70)

20) Austra: "What We Done?" (#74)

21) Welle: Erdball: "1000 Engel" (#75)